Bin Activator System Instantly Clears Bins, Hoppers

January 7, 2016

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Bin Activator System Instantly Clears Bins, Hoppers
The Pulsonics bin activator system

The Pulsonics bin activator system is designed to instantly clear bins, hoppers, and other mass flow devices of compacted solids, removing disruptive materials from channels, ducts, and recesses.

The unit introduces multiple instantaneous sonic air bursts directly into impacted bulk material, restoring free-flow without severe shock and vibration methods that can often cause hopper damage. The bin activator system effectively breaks up arching, bridging, clinging, and other flow problems, even with the most difficult bulk materials.

The system consists of two parts: an injector and a programmer. The injector consists of a compressed air reservoir with a solenoid operated release valve. The programmer controls the pattern of multiple air busts from the injectors. The overall system features simplicity of design, solid state reliability, efficient and versatile operation, low energy consumption, low installation costs, and minimal maintenance requirements.

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