Tri-Mer Introduces New Dust Collector

Wet dust collector has a capacity of 52,500 cfm

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

October 10, 2022

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Tri-Mer's new wet dust collector has a capacity of 52,500 cfm.Image courtesy of Tri-Mer Corp.

Tri-Mer Corp. has expanded its capabilities to include a wet dust collector with a capacity of 52,500 cfm.

This addition will be marketed under the Whirl/Wet trade name along with the company’s other systems for the efficient management of industrial particulate.

The large capacity Whirl/Wet collects soluble and non-soluble particulate 3 microns and larger, at efficiencies of 97-99% and higher. It is well-suited to volatile dusts from flour, grains and sugars, pharmaceuticals, and exotic metals. The energy generated inside the unit prevents the system from clogging. As a result, the agglomeration and sticky residues that plug baghouse devices are not an issue. The system requires only minimal maintenance.

The large-capacity Whirl Wet is available in polypropylene, polyethylene, engineered plastics, and stainless steel, and is manufactured in manual and automated formats. These systems are well suited to heavy dust-loading applications and locations where water utility costs are rising. After original charge, water replenishment is only needed to compensate for evaporation and drag-out. The automated model provides continuous operation, even during drag-out.  

Tri-Mer Corp., Owosso, MI 989-723-7838

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