January 21, 2009

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Pfeiffer Vacuum Releases Vacuum Technology Book

Pfeiffer Vacuum, a leading producer of vacuum products and services, has released its new catalog, "The Vacuum Technology Book." The 800-page, four-color, hardcover reference book and catalog covers the complete range of vacuum technology, including equipment for generating, controlling, and measuring vacuum, as well as accessories and components. In addition, there is a 150-page vacuum technology reference section.

For each product, the catalog contains information on the field of application, features, technical data, and part numbers. An online version of the catalog is available at www.pfeiffer-vacuum.com.
The products covered in "The Vacuum Technology Book" include turbomolecular, rotary vane, roots and dry pumps, vacuum gauges and controllers, mass spectrometers, helium leak detectors, flanges, feedthroughs, and valves. New to the catalog are a complete line of HiPace turbo pumps, HiPace MC magnetically levitated turbo pumps, PentaLine two-stage rotary vane pumps, HenaLine single-stage rotary vane pumps, OktaLine roots pumps, HeptaDry dry screw pumps, PrismaPlus mass spectrometers, HiQuad high-end mass spectrometers and electromagnetically, electropneumatically, and manually actuated valves.
The Vacuum Technology reference section provides an introduction to vacuum technology with basic vacuum fundamentals, pump operating principles and designs, the fundamentals of pressure measurement, operating principles of mass spectrometers, leak detection test methods, and useful information on valves and components. There is also a section that helps with dimensioning questions such as "How big of a pump do I need? What is the correct backing pump? Should I be concerned about pumping high gas loads? How does the piping influence the volume flow rate?"
Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc., develops, produces, and markets key components for vacuum technology used in semiconductor fabrication, solar, optical, and thin-film deposition, such as flat panel displays and TV monitors, analytical instrumentation, high-energy physics, and research and development. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers an extensive range of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, leak detectors, mass spectrometers, and accessories such as valves, fittings, and flanges.

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