September 3, 2015

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Particulate CEM for Stacks
Particulate CEM for FilterSense

The particulate CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitor) for stacks, baghouses, cartridge-type dust collectors, cyclones, and some ESPs (electrostatic precipitators) offers the performance of a light scatter PM CEM with simpler installation and lower maintenance. It also offers greater accuracy and low level monitoring than an opacity monitor. The non-optical, particle charge induction-sensing provides reliable measurements down to 0.1 mg/cu m in all types of processes, including cement, power, steel, carbon black, asphalt, incinerators, smelters, chemical and pharmaceutical dryers. The system features a user-friendly controller/display that provides many value-added functions, such as on-the-spot trend analysis data automatic self-testing to recognized EPA quality assurance standards.
FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304

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