Nordfab Ducting Expands Manufacturing Production in U.K.

June 10, 2009

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Nordfab Ducting Expands Manufacturing Production in U.K.

Nordfab Ducting has expanded it manufacturing and production capacity at its facility in Leeds, England, that will allow the company to provide faster delivery on a wider range of products to customers in the United Kingdom. To promote the expanded capacity and introduce Nordfab products to prospective customers, the company teamed members of its U.S. and Swedish sales force together with its British salesmen in a week-long blitz to call on nearly 250 sales prospects.
“Economic conditions are slowing sales and growth at many businesses around the world, but Nordfab Ducting is continuing to grow and expand,” explains Tom Ballus, Nordfab division manager. “Our U.K. facility recently invested in a new plasma welder, a bend machine, and tooling jigs--advancements that allow us to offer our British customers high-quality, clamp-together ducting in the sizes most commonly requested and at competitive prices. And with the help of our U.S. and Swedish sales forces, we were able to promote these improvements to customers throughout the United Kingdom with a highly successful promotional campaign.”
Nordfab held an international sales blitz May 11-15 in the U.K., pairing eight salesmen from the U.S. with 10 sales representatives from the U.K. and Sweden. Although the original goal was to visit 100 customers in England, Wales, and Scotland during the week-long event, nearly 250 visits were ultimately made.
“By having the salesmen from our U.S. and Swedish facilities participate in the sales blitz and supplement our U.K. sales force, we were able to visit the same number of customers in one week that we could normally see in six months or a year,” says Darren Wood, finance manager for Nordfab Ducting’s U.K. operations. “From those 250 visits, we have already received several orders and several additional requests to quote for new business. It’s a massive step in the right direction and we’re excited about what the future holds for Nordfab Ducting in the United Kingdom.”
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