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New Baghouse Filter Handles Extreme Heat Applications

High-temperature, pleated filter eliminates need for cages

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BHA Wicked high temp pleated filterImage courtesy of Parker Hannifin

The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Div. of Parker Hannifin Corp. introduces a pleated baghouse filter for customers that collect dust in extreme heat applications.

The BHA Wicked high temp pleated filters will operate continuously at 500°F, eliminating the need for cages, saving time and money in filter installation and removal costs.

Cement, lime, carbon black, and other intense heat applications now have an option. Baghouse operators will get all the benefits of pleated filters with this filter, including:

* Designed to eliminate bags and cages, significantly decreasing installation and removal costs
* Reduce air-to-cloth ratios
* Shorter filters reduce abrasion problems
* Provides a larger dropout area
* Increased filtration area
* Reduce operating differential pressure
* Promotes better airflow for increased throughput and production
* Reduce operating differential pressure
* Requires less pulse cleaning for potential energy savings

“We are motivated by the impressive results we are achieving with Wicked high temp pleated filters for our beta customers and in the lab,” said Yit-Hong Tee, lead engineer, Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Div. “Customers are getting lower operating differential pressure - up to 50% over bags in finished filter testing and a 90% reduction in pulse-cleaning emissions compared to standard bags.”

For decades, baghouses in high-temperature applications have been forced to use bags and cages for dust collection. With BHA Wicked high temp pleated filters, customers will get maximum benefits through increased production and reduced operational costs.

Parker Hannifin, IGFG Div., Overland Park, KS 913-374-3300 www.parker.com

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