Insulated Multi-Module Baghouse System Cuts Downtime

Griffin’s application engineers proposed an insulated multi-module baghouse system for a kaolin clay mining and processing company.

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February 17, 2021

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A world leader in kaolin clay mining and processing located in Georgia contacted Griffin Filters for a new baghouse system. The objective was to replace the existing undersized, under-performing, more than 30-year-old unit and meet the increased demand of the calciner (rotary kiln) operation. In addition to being undersized, the old dust collector needed more downtime for maintenance, caused by the filters continuously blinding over and adding to the operating costs.

After Griffin’s engineers took a close look at the kind of dust the customer was working with, they selected the optimal filter media. Calculating the various parameters including, duct air velocity, air-to-cloth ratio, interstitial velocity, can velocity, and other factors to ensure optimal operation of the collector, Griffin’s application engineers proposed an insulated multi-module baghouse system. Included in the system were five model JA-272-E baghouse modules to handle a total airflow of 82,500 ACFM. The proposed equipment was designed using a low air-to-cloth ratio of 3.95/1. 

The customer was impressed with Griffin’s up-front work, the proposal detail, and the recommended multi-module system. An order was subsequently placed for the complete dust collector. Also included with the purchase of the collector were the inlet and outlet interconnecting ductwork with expansion joints, isolation dampers, walkway and service mezzanines, hopper discharge valves, a product collection screw conveyor, and a single automatic product discharge valve. Each module incorporates an on-demand pulse panel with local digital differential pressure indication, as well as 4-20 mA output signal for external data acquisition and feedback. The individual pulse controllers are monitored and controlled by a remote PLC.

The unit has been operating successfully since the installation in 2014. The customer reports that Griffin Filters “configured the optimal dust collection solution suited our application and within our budget. The system has been reliable, we have not done anything to it since we put it in.”

Griffin “on-demand” cleaning offers a highly efficient manner of operation for a dust collector. It maintains a clean and properly operating system, while saving money by reducing the needless consumption of compressed air. Factory presets for the “on-demand” cleaning system are as follows: high limit 5 in. WG, low limit 3 in. WG, diaphragm open time of 100 ms, time between diaphragm firing of 10 seconds. The system will not clean until the differential pressure reaches 5 in. WG. The system will clean until the filters reach 3 in. WG.

Chief advantages of this system include:

• On-demand pulse control means less compressed air is used for the cleaning cycle.
• Modular design and control optimizes service and maintenance, resulting in minimal downtime.
• The Griffin five module JA-272-E Jet-Aire is a top-load pulse-jet collector system operating at 82,500 ACFM at 350°F.
• With five modules on-line, this system operates at an air-to-cloth ratio of 3.95/1. For short-term maintenance procedures, the system can run with four compartments on line.

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