Horizontal Dust Collection Cyclones

April 11, 2011

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Horizontal Dust Collection Cyclones

pb0n514Airlanco.jpgIn plants where space is tight or headroom is limited, these horizontal dust collection cyclones maximize collection efficiency and cut overall costs, while meeting customers’ clean air needs. The HE cyclones feature a proprietary interior design and operate without any filter media to clean, replace, or maintain. Dust particles are forced against the walls, where inertia and gravity separate them from the air stream. During the final phase of particle separation, a riser tube inside the cyclone directs the secondary vortex created by the internal airflow to the draw-thru discharge opening. The draw-thru is rotatable and can be positioned for the most convenient clean air orientation. Cyclones come in durable carbon or sanitary stainless steel, with round or square inlets, and supply a variety of ancillary components.
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