November 30, 2010

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GE's Air Pollution Control Media Extends Cement Plant's Bag Life From 1.5 To 4 Years, Reduces Steel Plant's Manufacturing

GE announced that Preveil is the new name for its 99.9 percent efficiency air pollution control media. The membrane laminate can help customers in certain industries lower utility costs, extend bag life, and reduce particulate emissions. For example, a cement plant saved $100,000 per year in fan electricity costs, and extended bag life from 1.5 to 4 years, and a steel plant reduced particulate emissions by 95 percent. Preveil has earned ecomagination approval following research and verification of these performance benefits.
The ecomagination distinction coincides with GE’s announcement that it will change the BHA Tex name to Preveil.

“Customers will receive the same extraordinary filtration technology, providing some of the highest efficiency filter bag media available,” says Jeff Ladwig, GE product line manager. “Now there’s simply a new name and Preveil has been approved as an ecomagination product following GE’s rigorous review process confirming the environmental and economic benefits.”

The Preveil membrane is made from PTFE resins. PTFE resin is expanded into a membrane composed of millions of microscopic pores in a three-dimensional web-like structure. The membrane has a non-stick surface that operates without a dustcake and is recognized as the best achievable control technology today for fabric filters, with better cleaning and 99.9 percent efficiency.

The ecomagination product review process confirmed the following benefits of Preveil membrane laminates:

Environmental Benefits
By incorporating GE's Preveil ePTFE membrane technology, GE's Preveil air pollution control filtration bags capture more particulate matter across various baghouse applications, reduce emissions from particulate matter and related energy consumption compared to conventional filter bags. One steel manufacturing plant using GE's Preveil Air Pollution Control Filtration Bags reduced its annual particulate emissions by 2500 lb/year, a 95 percent reduction compared to conventional filter bags.

Operating Benefit
By incorporating GE's Preveil ePTFE Membrane Laminate technology, GE's Preveil air pollution control filtration bags improve filtration efficiency, reduce operating costs, and extend product life compared to using conventional filter bags. One cement plant using GE's Preveil air pollution control filtration bags saved $100,000 per year in fan electricity costs and extended its bag life from 1.5 years to 4 years, saving an additional $180,000 per year in replacement costs.

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