Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control Focus - August 2010

August 18, 2010

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Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control Focus - August 2010

u2ecc_99379.jpgCyclonic Dust Collector
The “S” Series dust collector uses centrifugal force to efficiently separate out fine particles beginning at 20 microns. This collector can handle dusts such as saw dust, fly ash, sand, coffee, and many others. Units range in size from 50 to 18,000 cfm and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The unit easily handles fibrous, sticky, hygroscopic, and high-temperature materials that would tend to clog or damage filter bags or cartridges. Placed before baghouses or cartridge filters, the collector extends the life of filter media and reduces labor and material costs. Aerodyne, Cleveland, OH 800-358-7546 www.aerodyneus.com


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Particulate Monitor for Stacks
Particulate CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitor) meets environmental regulations such as US-EPA MACT and other standards such as ASTM D22 for monitoring particulate emissions from fabric filter baghouses, cartridge type dust collectors, cyclones, and some ESPs (electrostatic precipitators). Particulate levels down to at least 0.1 mg/cu m can be monitored. The company’s non-optical charge induction-sensing and protected-probe technologies are said to ensure reliable measurements in all types of tough environments including cement, power, steel, carbon black, asphalt plants, incinerators, lead smelters, chemical and pharmaceutical dryers. The system features the latest in DSP technology for advanced signal analysis and automatic self checks to meet required EPA instruments standards. The device is also stated to offer lower level monitoring and higher accuracy than opacity meters with less maintenance and simpler installation. FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304 www.filtersense.com

Cu2e9e_99381.jpgustom Dust Collection Fans
Backward curved, backward inclined, and radial bladed fans are built to meet demanding dust collection applications. The example shown is a backward curved size 49 fan for the clean side of a baghouse and equipped with a pre-spin inlet damper. The split housing facilitates rotor removal without disassembly of any ductwork. Dust collection fans are available for flows up to 850,000 cfm or pressures to 60 in. w.g. Standard features include flanged inlet and outlet, access doors, shaft seals, and guards to cover shaft, bearings and couplings. Chicago Blower Corp., Glendale Heights, IL 630-858-2600 www.chicagoblower.com


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ghouse Filters
Although there are only three basic types of baghouses - shaker, pulse, and reverse air – there are hundreds of different styles of bags. Filters require regular cleaning and periodic replacement to maintain peak performance and baghouses depend on an exact fit of the replacement filters to function properly. AFF manufactures all styles of replacement baghouse filters from a selection of fabrics suited to address specific applications. Scrim-supported felts offer added strength and durability so filters can withstand abrasive dust and frequent cleaning to extend the life of the bag, while providing fine particle separation and excellent dust release properties. American Fabric Filter Co., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591 www.americanfabricfilter.com

Du2eb1_100268.jpgust Spout
The Dust Devil is a simple device that reduces dust when it’s attached to the end of a conveyor or existing spout. The hand winch model can be installed in about an hour. An electric winch model with remote-mounted controls is also available. Both models reduce dust inside and outside your facility, helping to keep equipment and the environment cleaner. Diameter sizes include 12, 14, and 18 in. The Dust Devil can be used with virtually all free-flowing materials, including: chemicals, grain, fertilizer, salt, sugar, pesticides, saw dust, cement, sand, and more. Waconia Manufacturing, Waconia, MN 952-442-4450 www.waconiamfg.com

Vu2ee0_100269.jpgertical Cartridge Collector from Ultra Industries
The UVC Ultra-Flo vertical cartridge dust collector has been designed to handle a variety of in-plant air quality issues. The compact size allows for installation in tight areas, while the modular design allows for multiple arrangements to handle air-flows from 500 to 25,000 cfm. The vertical orientation of the cartridges requires less cleaning effort versus horizontal cartridges as the dust falls directly into a collection hopper without depositing back onto itself. Ultra Industries Inc., Racine, WI 262-633-5070 www.ultradustcollectors.com

100276.tifPulse-Jet Dust Collectors
The filter media of these pulse-jet dust collectors is cleaned by powerful short pulses of compressed air. Pulse jets are used in a variety of applications: recycling, seed, grain, woodworking, steel, mining, aggregate, biofuels, food processing, pet food, agricultural, chemical processing, paper scrap, fiberglass, and many more. Standard features include: fully welded, heavy-duty carbon steel construction; steel stiffeners for reinforcement; NEMA 4 timer and solenoid enclosures; primed and painted exteriors with PPG industrial enamel; and tool-free maintenance door. Imperial Systems Inc., Jackson Center, PA 800-918-3013  www.isystemsweb.com


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Portable Dust Collector
The smart system of this dust collector has infinitely variable fan curve so it can automatically adjust and maximize air volume and suction to a wide range of tools, hose sizes, even undersized suction ports. For 4-, 5-, and 6-in. dust ports, it provides much more air volume and pressure (up to 26 in. of H2O) 2-3 times that of a standard dust collector. It easily overcomes the high resistance of flex hose applications. The collector is equipped with patent-pending Flame Guard arrestor for fire safety. It also features a drum overfill sensor with a strobe light, so you know when it’s time to empty the drum. Oneida Air Systems Inc., Syracuse, NY  800-732-4065 www.oneida-air.com

100274.tifCartridge Dust Collector
The SC Series cartridge collector features a patented nozzle-cleaning system and internal high side inlet baffles. The unit’s heavy-duty design features all-welded construction. Cartridges are easily accessed from the outside and no tools are required. All SC units are on-line cleaning with solid-state timer board all pre-wired and tested. Scientific Dust Collectors, Alsip, IL  708-597-7090  www.scientificdustcollectors.com


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Bag Dump Station
The FL series bag dump station minimizes dust when introducing bagged ingredients into a process by employing a self-contained filtration system with a 99.9 percent collection efficiency down to 0.5 micron. A reverse-pulse cleaning system with tool-less access to the filter cartridge makes it easy to quickly wipe down the system and change out filters for batching and general maintenance. For additional dust containment and process efficiency, a bag compactor can be paired with any bag dump station. Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260  www.hapman.com

100285.tifAmbient Air Cleaners
Designed for small shops, the M15 Series air cleaners remove lung-damaging airborne particles – including smoke -- at MERV 15 efficiency. These low-cost, quiet, energy-efficient units can be suspended by chain or threaded rod and are easily cleaned in place with compressed air. Dust collects on the inside of the filter during operation and, when cleaned (in place) with compressed air, the dust falls into the provided dustpan or clear poly dust bag. Wynn Environmental, Warwick, PA 215-442-9443 www.WynnEnv.com


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leated Filter Elements
PulsePleat filter elements increase filtration efficiency, helping reduce emissions, increasing airflow for more throughput and production, and leading to potential energy savings by requiring less compressed air for pulse cleaning. This media – a product of 100% spunbound polyester media – is unlike traditional felt fabrics because of its tight pore structure, which resists surface penetration of particulate and has rigid physical properties that allow it to hold a pleat without needing supporting backing material. Once pleated and molded into a filter element, the surface area is two to three times greater than conventional filter bags. That extra filtration area reduces operating differential pressure and air-to-cloth ratios. GE Energy, Kansas City, MO  800-821-2222  www.ge-energy.com/filtration

V100286.tifacuum Material Receivers
Features of these vacuum material receivers include: versatile feed inlets, dust collection ports, inspection ports; welded vessel; bolted or no-tools access filter cleaning; controllers mounted or remote with load cells S-style or compression options; receivers are available with microprocessor controller or a programmable logic controller. Vacuum receiver capacity ranges from 4 to 10 cu ft in capacity. Standard diameter sizes are 30, 36, and 48 in. Magnets may be added to trap ferrous metal. Air Trac Corp., North Tonawanda, NY 716-283-4833 www.airtraccorp.com


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e-Dusting System
De-dusting systems are used for cleaning of granular products. The product flows into an adjustable inlet funnel at the DeDuster. The adjustable inlet funnel distributes the product evenly to the central conical wash deck, also called CentraCone, and provides a smooth flow. A high-efficiency fan generates wash air that pushes the air through holes and slots in the wash deck for efficient contaminant removal. Next, the material flows through the circular Venturi zone surrounding the wash deck. Contaminants will be carried to the circular dust air channel. The new DeDuster is adjustable for cleaning rates from 10 to 600 lb/hr. Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008  www.pelletroncorp.com


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odular Cartridge Bin Vent
This modular cartridge bin vent provides high air filtration of fine airborne particles from within a storage tank and releases clean air to the atmosphere. While material is pneumatically conveyed into a storage tank, fine particles and air are efficiently separated by the unit’s large cartridge filter. This enables clean air to pass from the tank out to the atmosphere. Reverse-jet cleaning from a compressed air accumulator pulses the cartridge filter, dislodging any fines and returning them to the storage tank. Standard materials of construction include carbon steel enamel coating or stainless steel material contact areas. K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.ktronprocessgroup.com


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ano Dust Collector Filter
This HemiPleat nano dust collector filter offers higher filtration efficiencies, longer service life, and lower pressure drop than competitive nano fiber filters, for energy savings and enhanced performance. The manufacturer uses a new technology to apply a thick layer of highly durable nano fibers to the surface of the patented HemiPleat filter, yielding a MERV 14 efficiency rating. The media is strong enough to handle difficult dust challenges and will withstand rigorous pulse-cleaning, bringing longer service life and lower operational costs. The product line includes MERV 14 and MERV 16 efficiency options, with a choice of high-performance standard or fire retardant cellulose-blend base media. The new filter is also the only one to combine nano media with HemiPleat’s patented open-pleat design. Camfil Farr APC, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801  www.farrapc.com

Cu294f_100298.jpglosed-Cycle  Dust Recovery System
The E3 bag spout interface protects operators and facilities from exposure to airborne material dusts that can often escape during bulk bag spouting. The closed-cycle dust recovery system secures and encloses the bag spout within a sealed containment cylinder. The sealed cylinder then lowers to elongate the spout and form the bag into a conical shape, aiding in complete material discharge from the bulk bag. The sealed cylinder also works to protect the material, and the total process operation, from the introduction of migrant contaminants. A 350-cfm air flow capacity dust collection system, with MERV 11 filtration efficiency, recovers and filters the material dust for re-introduction to the process. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220  www.nbe-inc.com


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Combination  Dust Collector/Fan
The Type W RotoClone is a combination dust collector and fan that will meet a variety of applications. It is a cost-effective, high-efficiency wet dust collector that includes the addition of water sprays to the basic principle of dynamic precipitation. It is ideal for collecting moist, oily, or sticky dusts that would normally clog fabric-type dust collectors. AAF International, Louisville, KY 502-637-0712  www.aafintl.com

u2966_100300.jpgBin Vent/Dust Collector
The Modu-Kleen Series 250 bin vent/dust collector is designed to vent bins, storage silos, mixers, blenders, pneumatic conveying systems of any type, or any other device or process that must contain or control dust particles. It can meet the most stringent air pollution codes. It is controlled by solid-state electronics and is self-cleaning for minimum maintenance. Built as an integral part of the bag cage, the cone jet diffuser directs a shock wave of air down the entire length of the bag during the cleaning cycle. This shock wave improves the unit’s efficiency when compared to other Venturi-type dust collectors that direct the shock wave over only a portion of the bag. The filter bags are cleaned one row at a time, so the unit can operate continuously. There is no need to shut down for cleaning. Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com


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Thermoplastic  Polyurethane Hose
U30-AP smooth interior hose is a clear, all-thermoplastic polyurethane hose with yellow reinforced ABS helix. It has a smooth interior and is lightweight and highly flexible. Clarity of hose allows easy visual check for blockages. An external ABS (non-metal) helix provides added durability in applications where hose is being dragged. Air Handling Systems, Woodbridge, CT 800-367-3828 www.airhand.com

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