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Dust Collection 90

April 4, 2007

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Dust Collection

High-Filtration and Containment System
Equipped with a self-cleaning HEPA filter, the Absolut Cephir high-filtration and containment system removes and contains high volumes of even extremely fine dust particles from the exhaust air of production machines in a variety of areas, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. The unit features a modular design for easy upgrades, parallel swing doors, a pull-out control cabinet for easy access, a bag-in bag-out filter exchange, and a size that can fit almost anywhere (40 × 30 × 90 in.). It can also be customized to perform a variety of dust-handling applications, including continuous bag-in bag-out, RTP, split-valve, isolator, and wash-in-place processes.
Fette America, Rockaway, NJ 973-586-8722 www.fetteamerica.com

Filter-Bag Removal Device
Booth 1859 - The Grapoid filter-bag removal device removes top-loading, snap-in pleated and felt bags in baghouses. Available in two sizes, it is operated by a standard cordless drill, a pneumatic wrench, or a hand tool. The device is placed over the bag, and the tool is inserted into the connector on its top. The unit’s jaws clinch around the bag when the trigger is pulled, forcing the bag free of the grid plate.
MikroPul, Charlotte, NC 704-998-2600 mikropul.com

Bin Vent and Dust Collector
This bin vent and dust collector provides air filtration and dust control for dry bulk materials that are conveyed pneumatically to destination points such as bins, hoppers, and silos. The bin vent is compact in design and easy to install. Presettable timers clean the filter media automatically with pulse-jet airflow, dropping retained material back into the process. Many sizes and features are available, including a hinged door for easy bag access and differential pressure gauges that indicate when service is needed. High-temperature and top-removable designs are available. Users can choose from units made of heavy-duty carbon steel or stainless steel.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

Pulse-Jet Filter
This pulse-jet air filter is custom built for efficient, economical operation in demanding applications. Particulate-laden air is directed toward a deflector that causes heavier particles to fall directly into the collection hopper. Lighter airborne particles collect on the outside surfaces of the internal bag filters. Filtered air exits the unit. Sequential bursts of compressed air dislodge dust on the surfaces of the bag filters so that the dust falls into the hopper. Cyclones and low-pressure reverse-air, cartridge, and bin-vent filters are also available.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com

Retrofit Cartridges
This full line of HemiPleat retrofit cartridges can be used to upgrade performance or solve problems affecting existing dust collector systems. A patent-pending pleating technology opens up the pleats uniformly for more-effective cleaning and better airflow. This filtration upgrade can extend service life and reduce pressure drop. These filters are available to fit virtually all leading brands of dust collectors that use cylindrical cartridges. They are made with HemiPleat PolyTech media, a silicone-treated polyester/cellulose blend that offers high moisture resistance and excellent filtration efficiency—99.99% on 0.5-µm particles and larger (MERV 11/12). For demanding applications, ultra-high-efficiency PolyTech media (99.999% or MERV 15/16 efficiency) are available. Flame-retardant cartridges are available for high-fire-risk applications, while carbon-impregnated cartridges are available for static dissipation.
Farr Air Pollution Control, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801 www.farrapc.com

Self-Contained Shaker-Type Dust Collector
The ArrestAll AR-series self-contained shaker-type dust collector is used in light-duty industrial facilities where the need for filtration is intermittent. The unit’s compact and self-contained design makes it easy to install or relocate, while conserving floor space. It is painted inside and out with a powder-coat finish to minimize corrosion and provide protection in harsh environments. Modular and bolted construction allows for expansion in the field. Every unit consists of a housing with fan, motor, filter envelope, and automatic shaker. The fan is
top-mounted for flexible installation and easy access during servicing. The automatic shaker unit has a patent-pending comb design that can be installed on the filter outside of the unit. The envelope filters remove up to 99% of the dust present and have a smooth flow design to minimize pressure drops.
AAF International, Louisville, KY 502-637-0599 www.aafintl.com

The UltraMAC HE cyclone offers ultrahigh efficiency to 99.99%. Systems are custom-designed and manufactured to customers’ applications. Typical applications include food, pharmaceutical, and fluid-bed dryer exhaust. The unit can be configured as a clean-in-place system, has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, can operate in high temperatures, and returns all product to the process. It is suited for replacing baghouses.
MAC Equipment, Kansas City, MO 800-821-2476 www.macequipment.com

Dust Collector Diagnostics
The B-PAC series of dust collector diagnostic controllers seamlessly integrates intelligent filter cleaning, pressure sensing, particulate monitoring, auxiliary sensing (such as fan amps, temperature, airflow), and a wide range of control functions into a single easy-to-use system that can operate as a stand-alone controller or be networked with existing PLCs and DCS systems. Benefits include prevention of dust emissions, low maintenance costs, low compressed-air use, energy savings, and maximum product recovery. B-PACs are also used for EPA MACT, Title V, and OSHA compliance.
FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304 www.filtersense.com

Self-Cleaning Dust Collector
The BDC dust collector solves the needs of many manufacturing applications, including food processing, bin venting, raw-material handling, pharmaceutical production, molding, grinding, and polishing. The self-cleaning, continuous-duty system offers a selection of high-efficiency filters, including cartridges, pleated bags, or felted bag filters to fit specific processes. Its compact design saves floor space while ensuring maximum efficiency and energy savings.
United Air Specialists, Cincinnati, OH 800-252-4647 www.uasinc.com

Explosion-Resistant Dust Collector
The stainless-steel Sternpulse SPV 0405 dust collector is designed to collect potentially explosive dusts such as cornstarch, grain, spices, and chemicals. In addition, it is well suited for blending and bulk-bagging operations. The unit features four washable filter cartridges, a powerful 5-hp chemical processing motor, a heavy-duty fan, an 8-in. motorized rotary airlock, a SternSmart on-demand pulse-cleaning controller, a stainless-steel housing built to withstand a maximum pressure of 9.5 psi with outdoor venting, and an additional filtration stage via a top-mounted HEPA filter. The unit can be hung from the ceiling. The expected filter life is two to three years.
Sternvent Company, Inc., Bogota, NJ 800-383-3878 www.sternvent.com

Broken-Bag Detector
The DustAlarm broken-bag detector is used by dust collection systems in a wide range of applications to monitor the exhaust of baghouses and other types of dust collection systems. It identifies problems with filter media and other sources that lead to increases in dust emissions. The detector uses triboelectric technology to continuously monitor the level of dust emission in dust collection system exhausts. When an increase in emissions levels exceeds the user-adjusted setting, an alarm is triggered, as indicated by the unit’s output relay changing state. The unit is provided with an extended insulator to guard against material buildup problems. It also has a quick-disconnect mounting connection fitting to facilitate quick and easy maintenance when needed.
Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-601-6302 www.monitortech.com

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