Check Out the Anatomy of a Baghouse

Sly Inc. showcases the components and functions of baghouse-style dust collectors and discusses differences in designs.

Dust collectors, wet scrubbers, and bulk loading spouts supplier Sly Inc. walks viewers through the components of a baghouse-style dust collection systems and how they function. The segment illustrates how dust moves through the equipment with animated schematics and discusses how filter bags, filtration media, diaphragm valves, and the clean air plenum are used.

“Baghouses come in a variety of types and shapes, but they all work in much the same way to remove particulates from the air,” the narrator said in the video.

Sly also goes over how baghouses are cleaned with a pulse jet system, including cleaning methods using a continuously timed sequence. Powder and bulk solids industry professionals should take note of the scenes explaining the differences between various types of baghouses.

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