February 5, 2008

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Powder Filling and Vacuum Drying

Powder Filling and Vacuum Drying
A filling and packaging line is designed for powder filling and vacuum drying. The line consists of Inova components: a VWM 218 washing machine, a SHT 1L sterilizing tunnel with a sterilizable cooling zone, a VFVM 7021 filling and closing machine prepared for an isolator, fully automatic loading and unloading units for the vacuum dryer, a crimping machine, an isolator, and a Klee vacuum dryer. A transfer port is installed in the top of the isolator to ensure contamination-free transfer of pharmaceutical powder from the product storage container to the isolator. Here, a double-lid principle in which two lids protect each other when opened ensures that transport will be sterile and free of particle contamination. Product is safely transferred to the auger filler through an internally routed telescopic tube. The auger filler places one gram of powder into the previously sterilized vials and is equipped for one format. The dosing system operates with a filling accuracy srel of ±3%. The filled containers can then either be closed directly or they can be dried before closing. After automatic vial loading and unloading, dried products are processed in a crimping station.
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