January 22, 2019

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New Hybridized Drying System Introduced
RFC Macrowave Express

RFC has combined the attributes of both hot-air impingement together with radio frequency drying for a new hybridized system available across a broad range of sizes and output capacities. 

The new Macrowave Express series increases drying efficiency and line productivity, at the same time reducing carbon emissions, heat degradation, and eliminating product cracking. Excellent for the processing of bedded products such as agricultural commodities, filter cakes, and temperature-sensitive materials, these new systems have demonstrated a 40% increase in energy efficiency over conventional gas-fired drying systems.

When exposed to RF energy, a product will heat throughout its entire thickness, evaporating moisture in-situ, and force the escaping vapor to the product surface. There, the vapor is rapidly swept away by the impinged hot air, leaving the product uniformly dry throughout its thickness. This moisture uniformity naturally creates a product with low water activity and eliminates checking and surface cracks sometimes created by hot air alone. 

By eliminating the time it takes for conventional hot air to reach the interior portions of a product, or product bed-depth, conventional drying times are greatly reduced, along with the excessive carbon emissions associated with prolonged conventional drying times.

Product sample testing is available at RFC’s drying lab located in Millis, MA. To arrange a test for your products, contact Lisa Mitchell at 508-376-9555 or [email protected]

Radio Frequency Co., Millis, MA 508-376-9555 www.radiofrequency.com

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