Hot Air Blowers for Drying Tanks, Mixers, Totes, Piping

July 23, 2014

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Hot Air Blowers for Drying Tanks, Mixers, Totes, Piping
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After every clean in place cycle, the internal surfaces of any powder blending and handling system are not truly clean until they are completely dry. Sonic’s hot air blower technology is ideal for the drying of tanks, blenders, mixers, totes, and piping, in as little as 15 minutes. This patented Sonic design delivers 160°F of hot air without any electric or gas heaters, just regenerated blower heat. With air volumes of 200 to 750 CFM, while pressurizing the tank or blender chamber to 1 psig, the self-contained portable VT tank drying system with in-line HEPA filter dries all powder contact surfaces. For tanks or blending chamber volumes of 10 to 500 cu ft, blowers from 10 to 25 hp are the heart of the D-I-P (dry-in-place) capability.
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