Gas Indirect Heaters Increase Drying Efficiency

November 3, 2016

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Gas Indirect Heaters Increase Drying Efficiency
Harbridge Systems custom gas indirect heater

Harbridge Systems’ engineers and builds custom gas indirect heaters for drying and baking processes. Cross-flow and Counter-flow heaters are 10-15% more fuel efficient in a smaller space. Efficiencies of 85-90% are possible. The “wing”-shaped combustion chamber has more surface area than typical drum-and-tube heaters and operates at low temperatures for longer life. The multi-pass tubular design improves temperature uniformity in a high-strength design without special vanes. These heaters can be used in vertical or horizontal airstreams, and sidewall or roof-fired with stainless construction for sanitary or non-sanitary processes. They are designed from scratch to your application and operate through 5 million BtuH and 100,000 cfm air flow.
Harbridge Systems, LLC, North Lake, WI 53064

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