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Enhanced Dryer Seals

December 18, 2018

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Enhanced Dryer Seals
Sutton covered FlexMET seal

Although highly expensive 100% sealing solutions are available, most kiln and dryer seals on the market today, are not 100% air tight. A recent enhancement to FlexMET closes this performance gap. Rated to 1800°F, Bairicade is a newly patented cover that encloses Sutton’s flagship sealing system inside a flexible vapor barrier to further enhance sealing performance.

Bairicade covers the metal leaf and 100% graphite wear pad components of FlexMET in their entirety, thus further reducing potential flow of gasses or dust through the seal as it moves in response to the eccentric motion of the kiln shell. Secured by the existing mounting ring, the cover flexes with the seal and is held snug to the kiln shell by a spring-loaded tension device. FlexMET with Bairicade technology typically provides long-lasting service that is measured in years, not months.

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