CresTechnologies Develops Seal for Airswept Dryers

February 27, 2019

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CresTechnologies Develops Seal for Airswept Dryers
CresTechnologies' seal for airswept dryers

CresTechnologies has developed a new seal for airswept dryers like rotary dryers, rotary calciners, and rotary kilns.

The problem with many of the seals that are used today is that they are not flexible enough to close the gap around the rotary shell during its complete rotation. This is because with today’s economics, the shell is a fabricated part with the tolerance on eccentricity reaching 3 in. TIR. This is too high for current positive contact seals. 

The Fibril Seal is made of many closely packed metal strands whose tips ride along the shell. As the shell rotates, these strands flex and conform to every irregularity of the shell surface, ensuring a closed gap. Without trivializing it, think of the seal as an industrial profile gauge or a child’s pin toy that replicate the surface in 3D. For standard operation, such as dryers, the strands are made from stainless steel. For high-temperature operation, such as calciners and kilns, the strands are made from an exotic alloy. For water operation, such as water spray coolers, the filaments are made from a liquid-resistant polymer.

These seals have been supplied to some of the largest industrial companies around the world.

CresTechnologies Inc., Ingomar, PA 412-366-7150

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