Continuous Processors Transform Slurries into Powders in One Step

August 1, 2018

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Continuous Processors Transform Slurries into Powders in One Step
Readco Kurimoto SC Processor

The new SC Processor (SCP) line of continuous processors from Readco Kurimoto delivers efficient heat transfer in a compact design to transform slurries into powders and/or increase the viscosity of slurries in a single step.

Continuously accepting a wide range of liquids, slurries, powders, and/or wet cake, the SCP is capable of drying, cooling, degassing, crystallizing, chemically reacting, solvent recovery, and other processes in uninterrupted, 24/7 operation. The SC Processor line sets counter-rotating, hollow, twin-screw shafts inside an ASME-rated, jacketed barrel, while circulating a heating or cooling medium via the sealed shafts for maximum heat transfer and precise temperature control. Operating in vacuum conditions to reduce the boiling point of any liquids present, the proprietary Readco design promotes peak energy efficiency and safeguards temperature-sensitive materials from excessive heat history, while automatically evacuating moisture.

Ideal for removal of volatiles from adhesives, plastic resins, urethanes, acrylics, confectioneries, metallic soaps, industrial wastes, and in solvent recoveries, the SC Processor line has proven effective in continuously processing a wide variety of thick and sticky products often considered difficult to process in batches. The SC processor features a proprietary approach that incorporates differential screw rotation to create a consistent material flow towards discharge with a self-wiping action that ensures a homogeneous end product and meets target specifications. With this approach, the SC Processor excels in phase change applications where liquids are converted to sticky pastes, dry powders, or flakes.

The SC Processor line comprises four models. The continuous processors meet target specifications based on testing conducted on-site using customer materials and formulations to verify performance with guaranteed results.

Readco Kurimoto LLC, York, PA 800-395-4959

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