Look Inside a Cosmetics Production Lab

Wondastic Tech takes viewers on a tour of a laboratory where various types of cosmetic products are manufactured.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

October 28, 2021

Manufacturing videos producer Wondastic Tech produced this video on cosmetic manufacturing processes earlier this year, providing viewers with a look inside a Ben Nye laboratory where beauty products like mascara and concealer are made.

The first part of the video uses time-lapse footage to show how workers fill plastic wheels with concealer and package the goods. In the next segment, we can see a beautiful blue pigment being mixed with a white powder and a liquid to produce cream gel liner. Next, another area of the facility is shown where bottles of lotions are filled. The final bits of the video showcase the various ways that the goods made at the lab are packaged.

Check out this video to learn more about the types of technology and processes used to manufacture and package cosmetics.

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Powder Bulk Solids Staff

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