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LANXESS to Boost Production of Oxone Monopersulfate in US

The expansion of production at the Tennessee facility allows the firm to meet increased demand for disinfectants and water treatment solutions.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

September 16, 2020

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Image courtesy of LANXESS

Responding to a sustained rise in demand for disinfectants, LANXESS is launching an expansion project at its production plant in Memphis, TN to boost production of Oxone monopersulfate, a primary ingredient in its Vikron and Rely+On disinfection products, the specialty chemicals firm announced Tuesday.

The “lower double-digit million euro” effort will lift the site’s capacity for the product by about 50%. Demand for disinfections has grown during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and an outbreak of African swine fever.

“Disinfection products are important growth drivers in our highly profitable Consumer Protection segment. We expect a sustainable high level of demand even after the corona pandemic,” Matthias Zachert, chairman of the LANXESS Board of Management, said in a statement.

Vikron products are used for disinfection in the agricultural industry. LANXESS’ brand Rely+On is geared toward use in hospitals, laboratories, public institutions, and for medical equipment. Oxone is also used as an oxidizing agent in other applications, like cleaning swimming pool water.

“We are also seeing a growing demand for Oxone in the water treatment sector as well as from the electronics and paper industries. We want to meet this demand by expanding our production capacity,” said Michael Schaefer, head of the firm’s Material Protection Products business unit, in the release.

LANXESS’ expansion project is slated to reach completion in the second half of 2022.

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