KMG Chemicals in Agreement with R&D LifeSciences to Distribute Animal Feed Additive Products

April 28, 2010

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KMG Chemicals in Agreement with R&D LifeSciences to Distribute Animal Feed Additive Products

KMG Chemicals Inc., a global provider of specialty chemicals in carefully focused markets, has announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with R&D LifeSciences LLC (R&DL), an innovative biotech product company, to distribute R&DL’s product line of animal feed additives in North and South America.

Randy Berry, general manager of KMG Chemicals’ Animal Health business, commented, “R&DL has developed an exclusive, patent-pending technology that will allow us, through our distributors, to offer farm-specific, alternative products to antibiotics that can be administered with the animals’ feed. The product offering also includes digestion, growth, and performance enhancing products administered via the watering systems in dairies, poultry facilities, swine barns, and feed lots.”

David Zehendner, president and CEO of R&DL, commented, “We are pleased to partner with KMG to distribute our expanding animal feed products line including Zymace, Lactomace, and Protemace. KMG was our obvious first choice due to its strong market presence and excellent reputation and its immediate and direct access to major feed companies and distributors. We also welcome KMG’s technical and marketing support as we work together to grow the feed additive business. We look forward to working with KMG in building the market for our current product line, second generation products now in the works and others as they are developed.”

Berry concluded, “We are excited to be able to introduce this new product offering to our customers. Growing our Animal Health segment beyond ectoparasiticides is one of our corporate goals. We have an extensive distribution channel partner network in North America serving poultry and livestock growers, and are developing a network in Latin America. In addition to adding these feed-enhancement products into our existing Animal Health business, we see other opportunities to further expand our product offering by leveraging the distribution network we have developed.”

Through its subsidiaries, KMG Chemicals Inc. produces and distributes specialty chemicals to carefully focused markets. For more information, visit

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