HAPMAN CASE STUDY Chemical Manufacturer

April 20, 2017

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Bulk Bag Unloader and Vacuum Conveyor System Automates

Material Handling and Adds Cost Savings


Werner G Smith is a chemical manufacturer which 

specializes in plant and marine-based oils, esters, and 

waxes used in additives in a wide-range of industries from 

wire drawing, and metal working lubricants, to glazes, 

putties and cosmetics. Examples of customer products 

are modeling clay for car designs as they are scaled 

for production, and for home products such as Vicks 

Vaporub®. The unique and sometimes complex nature 

of the additives manufactured by Werner G Smith has 

been the key to the company’s 85 year-long success. The 

company’s Facebook® page describes the business 

in this way:

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