Enspired Solutions Launches Technology for New PFAS Standards

The new solution meets and surpasses the new regulatory standards.

April 16, 2024

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New Solution for PFAS Standards Regulation Launches
The PFASigator uses UV light and a proprietary reagent mix to activate a reaction that destroys PFAS in water,Enspired Solutions

Enspired Solutions, headquartered in Lansing, MI, has launched an energy-efficient PFAS destruction technology called the PFASigator. The company has already shown its ability to meet and surpass the new regulatory standards using the PFAS destruction technology.

The women-led and woman-owned company's mission is to permanently destroy PFAS in water. Enspired Solutions agrees with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s new drinking water regulations for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Meeting these new drinking water standards can prevent thousands of premature deaths and tens of thousands of serious illnesses, according to the EPA.

The PFASigator uses ultraviolet light and a proprietary reagent mix to activate a reaction that destroys PFAS in water, returning PFAS to non-toxic components without the need for off-site disposal. The patented chemistry and unique technology mineralizes PFAS in solution, creating non-toxic end products that eliminate the need for off-site disposal. The technology uses reductive defluorination catalyzed by UV light to disassemble PFAS molecules to water, fluoride, and simple carbon compounds.

“We have been working for years to create this highly efficient PFAS destruction technology and are actively partnering with water utilities to ensure that drinking water is safe” said Denise Kay, CEO at Enspired Solutions. “We are poised to be a difference maker given these new regulations.”

This announcement comes after Enspired Solutions was selected by the US Department of Defense to destroy PFAS in water contaminated by firefighting foams. The company's technology won an award from the EPA and DoD by meeting their criteria for PFAS destruction and energy efficiency.

Other widely used PFAS treatment methods — including capturing it on granular activated carbon, ion exchange, or reverse osmosis — can result in re-release of PFAS into the environment. The PFASigator destroys PFAS, permanently removing it from the global water supply.

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