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5 Instagram Accounts Chemical Engineers Will Love

Image courtesy of True Images / Alamy Stock Photo instagram_app_on_smartphone_image.jpg
Powder & Bulk Solids highlights some of the best Instagram accounts for chemical engineers.
Powder & Bulk Solids lists some of the most interesting chemical engineering-related accounts on the social platform.

Instagram is best known for selfies and food pictures, but the platform is also home to several accounts that appeal to chemical engineers and others working in the chemical industry. From educational opportunities to memes, there is a range of useful and entertaining content for students and professionals alike on the social networking service.

Powder & Bulk Solids presents a roundup of some of the most interesting chemical engineering-focused Instagram accounts:


Image courtesy of Informa Marketsamerican_chemical_society_instagram_post_image.png

A screenshot of a post on the American Chemical Society's Instagram account.

Chemical engineers can turn to the American Chemistry Society (ACS) Instagram account to learn about the organization’s webinars, educational and career development opportunities, and more. Everyone from seasoned and newbie chemical engineers to students in chemical engineering programs will find something of interest.

View the ACS Instagram account.


Image courtesy of Informa Marketschemical_engineering_meme_instagram_image.png

A screenshot of a post on the @chemengmemes Instagram account.

Even chemical engineering has a humorous side. The Chemical Engineering Memes account on Instagram shares hilarious memes that only chemical engineers would understand. These relatable jokes poke fun at engineers and touch on a number of aspects of the field.  

View the @chemengmemes account.


Image courtesy of Informa Marketschemical_engineering_instagram_account_image.png

A screenshot of a post on the @chemical_engineering__ Instagram account.

Sharing equations, process diagrams, videos of technology and equipment, @chemical_engineering__ shares a variety of serious chemicals-related content, along with a number of interesting chemistry videos. This account has a great mix of practical information of use for professionals and stimulating, fun posts.

View the @chemical_engineering__ account.


Image courtesy of Informa Marketsengineering_chemical_instagram_account_image.png

A screenshot of a post on the @engineering.chemical Instagram account.

Serving more than 28,000 users, @engineering.chemical offers content that appeals to both chemical and mechanical engineers. Visitors to this account can find a number of compelling videos on equipment and processes. Much of the content centers on petrochemical operations.

View the @engineering.chemical Instagram account.


Image courtesy of Informa Marketschemical_engineering_worlds_instagram_post_image.png

A screenshot of a post on the Chemical Engineering World account on Instagram.

Chemical Engineering World provides some really cool photos and videos of chemical plants, process safety incidents, piping, and more. Powder & Bulk Solids opted to include this account because of its heavy technical focus.

View Chemical Engineering World's Instagram account.

More Fun for Chemical Engineers

Video games offer chemical engineers the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in a fun and relaxing way. Take a look at Powder & Bulk Solid’s list of video games that chemical engineers and others working in chemical manufacturing operations will enjoy.

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