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February 16, 2021

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Engineers don't stop learning once they leave university. Industry organizations, universities and other groups like K-State's Bulk Solids Innovation Center provide training and experiences geared toward those working with powder and bulk solids to help professionals beef up their basic skills, learn new concepts, or learn how to optimize their existing assets. To facilitate the educational opportunities and act as a resource to industry, several research centers have emerged that deal specifically with dry particulate and bulk solid materials

Powder & Bulk Solids editors are maintaining this list to provide the powder and bulk solids community with a centralized location for training and other professional development opportunities. Bookmark this page or come back frequently to view the latest listings of events, courses, and more.

Advanced Concepts for Process Hazard Analysis
AIChE/CCPS - Center for Chemical Process Safety
Dec. 9-10, 2021 - Online

Taking place over two days in December, this virtual course provides instruction on Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) basics, how to document and analyze HAZOP studies, and how to use the results to indentify safety instrumented systems (SIS) and safety integrity levels (SIL).


Powder Formulation
Seydlitz United Consultants
Oct. 27-29, 2021 - Online

A three-day online course covering a wide range of powder formulation topics, including design principles, charactarization, and processes. Participants will also receive instruction on powder product stability and shelf life evaluation and powder blending and segregation issues.


Overview of Particulate Handling Technology
The Wolfson Centre
Oct. 18-22, 2021 - Online

A short online course presented by The Wolfson Centre on technology used to store and handle various types of bulk solid materials and equipment selection. Those two attend the course will also learn ways to reduce maintenace, repair, and unplanned stoppages with material handling technology.


Rotary Valves: Design, Selection and Operational Issues
The Wolfson Centre
Sept. 23, 2021 - Online

Learn the practical aspects of rotary valves in this one-day online course from The Wolfson Centre, from rotary valve application areas to ATEX requirements. Participants will learn the importance of correct specifications through reviews of case studies on failures and successes.


Pneumatic Conveying System Design
The Wolfson Centre
Sept. 21-22, 2021 - Online

This interactive online event allows participants to discuss their operations' pneumatic conveying processes and associated challenges and provides a review of case studies that illustrate solutions to pneumatic conveying issues. The course touches on differences in powder behavior, lean phase versus dense phase conveying, the performance of bends, and other relavant topics.


2021 IAOM Annual Conference & Expo
International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM)
Aug. 29, 2021-Sep. 2, 2021 - Little Rock, AR

The 125th Anniversary Conference is slated to be held at the Little Rock Marriott Hotel in Little Rock, AR. Participants can attend committee meetings, attend the exposision, receive education and join a golf tournament. 


Storage, Feeding, Transfer and Belt Conveying
TUNRA Bulk Solids
Aug. 16-20, 2021 - Online

Powder and bulk solids research and consultiung organization TUNRA Bulk Solids is offering this professional development course in August, as well as several in-person events in Australia this year. 


Powder Handling and Flow for Additive Manufacturing
The Wolfson Centre
Jul. 12-16, 2021 - Online

Powder and bulk solids research organization The Wolfson Centre is offering this online five-session course on handling processes for metal and plastic additive manufacturing powders, as well as charactarization and control of powder properties and powder quality conisderations.


Transfer Chute Design
TUNRA Bulk Solids
Jul. 5-7, 2021 - Online

Powder and bulk solids research and consultiung organization TUNRA Bulk Solids is offering this professional development course in early July, as well as several in-person events in Australia this year. 


Bulk Solids Handling for Chemical Engineers
IChemE/Jenike & Johanson
Jun. 8-10, 2021 - Online

Chemical engineers will learn about a wide variety of equipment types, factors impacting the flowability of solids, and how to solve and identify flow issues in this online course presented by Jenike & Johanson's Eric Maynard and Corin Holmes.


Powder and Bulk Solids Academy: Overview of Bulk Solids Processing, Flow, and Air Filtration
Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center (BSIC)
Starts Mar. 23, 2021 - Online

Composed of four half-day sessions, this course covers a wide range of topics, including hopper and silo design, valve sizing and selection, mixers and mixing, sifters and screeners, comparisons of various mechanical and pneumatic conveying methods, and more!


Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week
The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS)
Mar. 29, 2021-Apr. 2, 2021 - Online

GEAPS is holding a virtual event to focus on grain storage and handling safety hazards as part of the Alliance hosting Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week. Learn about near miss reporting bin safety, the impact of quality on safety, emergency action plans, and more. 


Flow of Solids/Pneumatic Conveying Combo Course - Virtual
AIChE/Jenike & Johanson
Mar. 15-17, 2021 - Online

Hosted by Jenike & Johanson engineer, this virtual three-day course combines two popular AIChE courses: CH032VTL: Flow of Solids in Bins, Hoppers, Chutes and Feeders and CH033VTL: Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids. Topics covered include common flow problems and their consequences, testing bulk solids flow properties, dilute phase and dense phase conveying modes, and elbow selection. 


From Barley to Beer: How to Grade Your Barley
Mar. 10, 2021 - Online

Industry professionals will share their experiences from the field and explain how they ensure a consistently high quality of malted barley in this FOSS webinar. The company's experts will also discuss international grain trade trends and their impact on local as well as global supply and demand.


Shedding Light on Food Safety and Mycotoxins
Mar. 3, 2021 - Online

Learn the latest mycotoxin trends and industry insights in mycotoxin testing in this webinar presented by FOSS. Guest speakers include Professor Christopher Elliott, Queen’s University Belfast, Frans Verstraete, European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety, Finn Vestergaard, Quality manager, DLG, Denmark and Vic Cameron, Technical administrator, UK Testing Grain Network.


Live Webinar: Food Hygiene and Ergonomic Design of Bag Packaging Systems
Feb. 25, 2021 - Online

Machinery manufacturer Concetti presents this live webinar on bag packaging systems for powdered food products, including flour, supplements, powdered milk and more. Presenters will cover packaging solutions for human food and animal nutrition products. Participants can also hop in a Q&A session at the end of the event and learn some vital plant maintenance tips.


GEAPS Exchange Online Conference
The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS)
Feb. 23-25, 2021 - Online

The grain industry trade organization's annual conference is taking place online this year. GEAPS' event features industry training, networking opportunities, product demonstrations, and a trade show. Those who participate in the conference will be provided with unlimited access to the conference recordings for a month after the event. 


Do you have a professional development opportunity to submit to this list? Please email event listings and information to [email protected].

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