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Bulk Solids Innovation Center Launches Online Academy

innovation-center-ksu_0.jpg Image courtesy of KSU
The research and education center is providing online courses for industrial personnel through March 2021.

The Bulk Solids Innovation Center at Kansas State University is launching an online Powder and Bulk Solids Academy. Courses offered from November 2020 through March 2021 will teach industrial personnel in a fully virtual environment.

Todd Smith, business and strategy manager at the Bulk Solids Innovation Center, said the online format will provide high-quality lectures followed by close examination, discussion and equipment demonstration. 

"Our education classes have been very successful," Smith said. "Everyone's understanding is enhanced by the hands-on demonstrations using the center's wonderful equipment and systems."

Three separate courses will offer detailed instruction from industry-leading experts on bulk solids handling, conveying and storage. Courses include Basics of Pneumatic Conveying; Material Testing and Results Application; and Basics of Bulk Solids, Handling, Flow and Air Filtration.

The academy is recommended for engineers who need fundamental or refresher knowledge about powder and bulk solids handling topics. Individuals in sales, management, maintenance and support roles will benefit from learning the technology and terminology. 

Registration for the academy is now open at bulk-solids.k-state.edu/profdev. Each course is independent of the others, but students enrolled in all three courses will receive a 20% discount. 

The Bulk Solids Innovation Center provides education to industry in the form of in-person courses, online courses, webinars and customizable on-site training solutions. For more information contact bsic@k-state.edu

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