New Plastic Provides More Security against Contamination during Food Processing

September 8, 2009

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New Plastic Provides More Security against Contamination during Food Processing

TECAFORM AH ID (POM-C) is the first stock shape thermoplastic that can be easily and quickly detected if equipment failure causes pieces of material to mix with the food product during the production run. The new plastic contains an additive which enables it to be more readily detected in the event of an equipment failure.

TECAFORM AH ID can be detected using standard metal detection equipment during routine quality inspection procedures. Prior to the introduction of TECAFORM AH ID, only highly visible, or specially colored materials would typically be used in production. However, even these parts are not always noticeable once the product has been contaminated. This often makes large quantities of the finished product unusable, causing significant downtime and potential financial loss.

This new grey acetal is easily and quickly detected by metal detectors, enabling prompt quality assurance and minimizing potentially costly quarantines and recalls. TECAFORM AH ID is FDA and other agency compliant. Its resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents make it ideal for use in the production of meat patties, sausages, and other formed foods, fruit juices, pasta, and pastries, as well as applications in food and pharmaceutical packaging. In addition to being easily detected, TECAFORM AH ID features all of the technical properties needed to produce high-quality plastic components for food processing and other machinery. The product is being used in housing parts, agitators, kneading elements, and wiper blades for the food industry.

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