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Equipment Needed at Bulk Solids Innovation Center

The KSU Bulk Solids Innovation Center is seeking donations as a part of its equipment acquisition strategy.

The Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center (BSIC) is seeking donations as a part of our equipment acquisition strategy for specialty lab equipment for conducting bulk solids research and education. The following list provides examples of some of the equipment needed for both short and long term. In order to conduct basic testing on materials, a number of specialized lab equipment items are necessary:


1. Temperature and humidity test chamber [Tenney Benchmaster Temperature/Humidity Test Chamber; Temp range -70 to 200°C and RH range 20% to 98%]. This equipment will be used to study the properties of bulk solids under different environmental conditions.

2. Lab Oven [Gravity Convection Oven; 4.8 cu ft/115 V]. This equipment will be used to study bulk solids moisture content.

3. AccuPyc II 1340 Pycnometer. This equipment is used to measure particle density of bulk solids.

4. Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker. This is needed for particle size determination.

1. FT4 Powder Rheometer from Freeman Technology. This equipment is used to study dynamic flow properties of powder.

2. Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) from Particulate Systems. This equipment is needed to study the moisture sorption characteristics of bulk solids.

3. Differential Scanning Calorimeter from TA Instruments. This equipment is needed to study the thermal properties of bulk solids.

4. DEM Discrete Element Method Software and Hardware commercial license. This is needed to establish modeling capability at the center. Also, it works closely with AMI in terms of commercial application of DEM software. This software is used to study the flow behavior, particle-particle interactions, and particle-wall interactions of bulk solid material when it flows through a bin, hopper and chute.

The mission of the Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center (BSIC) is to be an internationally leading research facility dedicated to the advancement of the science and technology related to bulk solids material handling, transportation, and storage. The BSIC facilitates the growth of particle technology education through basic and applied research from multiple funding sources both public and private. The BSIC also supports the bulk solids industry through multiple educational opportunities, meeting and conference support, and sponsored testing and development opportunities.

If your organization is able to fulfill any of these requests through a donation or leased item, please contact research director, John Lawrence, at 785-829-1110 or [email protected]

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