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Continuous Processor Manufacturer Offers Virtual Testing

Article-Continuous Processor Manufacturer Offers Virtual Testing

Image courtesy of Readco Kurimoto Virtual_Testing_READCO.jpg
Readco Kurimoto introduces virtual testing to help food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturers test new product formulations despite restrictions on travel.

To help food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturers test new product formulations and assess the feasibility of continuous processing despite restrictions on travel, process equipment manufacturer Readco Kurimoto introduces virtual testing.

Offered as an alternative to on-site, in-person monitoring at the company's York, PA, R&D testing center, the virtual testing is presented streaming on video via a secure, Web-based platform that may be viewed by multiple participants simultaneously from home, the office, or nearly anywhere in the world by private login. Offered via a choice of the latest platforms, the live testing allows Readco engineers to respond to customer questions, implement new ideas, and adjust processing parameters in real-time while the machinery is in operation.

Streaming up to 40 product sample variations in a week of R&D, the virtual testing is offered on multiple configurations and sizes of the company's continuous processor (CP) and self-contained processor (SCP). The CP mixes, compounds, crystallizes, and chemically reacts multiple liquids and powders in a single step. The SCP increases the viscosity of liquids, captures any off gasses though evaporation or distillation, and condenses the vapors for reprocessing. Proven in testing, scale-up, and production, the SCP can transform slurries into powders with under one percent moisture content in one step. Virtual testing on the company's forthcoming new processing concept is currently in progress for internal documentation.

The virtual tests are archived and documented for reference, providing process engineers with a wealth of data that can be used to design an effective, efficient production line. The testing service is conducted by the Readco engineering team whether virtual or on-site.

For more information, contact Readco Kurimoto LLC at 800-395-4959 or visit www.readco.com 

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