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Three-Day Lead Time with Oseco's Explosion Vent Stocking Program

Article-Three-Day Lead Time with Oseco's Explosion Vent Stocking Program

Featuring industry-best lead times and significant cost savings, intelligent pressure relief specialist Oseco has introduced its new Explosion Vent Stocking Program. The program features Oseco’s most widely used explosion vents with a lead time of only three days.

The new Explosion Vent Stocking Program provides a range of vents for numerous applications. Vents available through the program include Oseco’s MV (Metal Vent), MV-S (Sanitary Metal Vent), CRVC (Composite Vent), and RNDCC (Round Crowned Vent).

The MV’s all-metal design uses a stainless steel controlling membrane with no visible holes or slits, making it ideal for use where product build-up may be a concern. For sanitary applications, the MV-S is FDA approved. The CRVC domed vent is excellent for use in high-cycling applications. The RNCDD is a damage-resistant panel for use with round ductwork, capable of withstanding full vacuum without the need for frame support bars.

All vents are provided with gaskets on the inlet side and meet the requirements of NFPA 68 and the OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program. Optional burst detection systems and installation frames are available.

For more information on Oseco's complete line of pressure relief solutions, call 800-395-3475 or visit www.oseco.com.