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Instrumentation & Process Control Spotlight - August 2010

Article-Instrumentation & Process Control Spotlight - August 2010

99281.tifDual Timer Capacitance Probes
These dual timer capacitance probes feature a flexible time delay for covered and uncovered conditions. This feature allows the user to set a probe to react either immediately or with up to a 30-second delay when it detects a covered or uncovered state. For example, the capacitance probe can be set to send an immediate alert when it reaches a covered state, but can be set to alert with a 15-second delay when it detects an uncovered state. The dual timer capacitance probe is ideal for applications when it is essential for the probe to alert immediately to a covered state when used for high-level detection, as in situations when the probe is used to shut off a filling process. When the probe reaches an uncovered state, that same probe can be set to alert with a selectable one- to 30-second delay. BinMaster, Lincoln, NE 800-278-4241 www.binmaster.com

99282.tifAutomated Process Control
CPM Beta Raven provides automated process control solutions for animal feed, pre-mix and thermal processing, oilseed extraction, renewable energy, bakery, and extrusion industries. The systems deliver cost-efficient solutions for process monitoring and control. System flexibility is available with traceability options to meet today’s regulatory requirements. Real-time, easy-to-read screens and systems are backed by round-the-clock tech support. CPM Beta Raven, St. Charles, MO 636-255-1600  www.BetaRaven.com

99283.tifContinuous Bulk Weighing Control
The 825-CBW is a compact, yet complete control package for continuous weighing of bulk commodities in a shipping or receiving installation featuring customer and product identification, single or multiple loading, and ship or receive mode. The package includes: the versatile 825 Spectrum weight indicator; software package designed for continuous bulk weighing; tape printer. Display features include: 640 x 480 pixel color backlit interactive touch-screen LCD; color-coded QWERTY keyboard for data entry; pictorial representation of the bulk weigher and gates; target weight to be filled; total drafts required; etc. Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co., Webb City, MO 800-441-4237 www.CardinalScale.com

99285.tifLevel Measuring System
The SiloPatrol SE is a rugged, accurate “smart” cable-based level measuring system designed for extreme and dynamic conditions. It is used to improve material inventory control of storage vessels for most powder and bulk solids applications, including dusty conditions and situations where target material characteristics may change. Product features include a sealed split compartment design, a serviceable wiper seal compartment, enhanced motor control features, and lock-out circuitry which, if utilized, prohibits a sensor from making a measurement when activated. The system is easy to install and is also virtually maintenance free, requiring only a periodic inspection. A variety of operator interface devices are available to calculate and display material volume, weight, and more. Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-601-6302 www.monitortech.com

99286.tifFlow Meter
The MaxxFlow is designed to measure medium to high flow rates (10–600 tn/hr) of powders, pellets, and granules. In the past, only complex mechanical systems like impact flow meters and weigh feeders were possible. Advanced technology in electromagnetic velocity measurement and microwave concentration has produced an open cross-sectional spool piece less than 16 in. long. This meter can fit anywhere in your process under free-fall or sliding conditions with no straight run requirements. The system is ideal for truck and railcar load outs or process measurements after rotary valves, screw feeders, bucket elevators, air chutes, etc. The accuracy is +/- 1-3% with repeatability to .2%. GTS Inc., Shalimar, FL 850-651-3388 www.onthelevel.com

99287.tifPowder Flow Tester
Developed in cooperation with the Wolfson Centre at the University Greenwich, UK, this instrument delivers quick/easy analysis of powder flow behavior. The PFT is ideal for manufacturers who need to eliminate the downtime and expense that occur when hoppers/silos fail to discharge. Customers can also perform QC checks on incoming materials, quickly characterize new formulations, and adjust composition to match the flow behavior of established products. The unit features a variety of test options including flow function, time consolidation, wall friction, and bulk density. Time estimates for duration of each test are automatically calculated before the test starts in case adjustments are needed. Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc., Middleboro, MA 800-628-8139 www.brookfieldengineering.com

99288.tifAutomated Synthesizer
Zinsser-Analytic and Thales Nano have teamed up to develop a highly flexible automated synthesizer that combines many functions on one platform. Sophas Hy utilizes the functionality of Zinssers proven Sophas Synthesizer, such as heating, cooling, and mixing, in line with the continuous flow chemistry reactor H-Cube by Thales Nano, allowing the full automation of sample preparation, batch and flow chemistry. Several optional tools can be included on a modular basis to meet the needs and demands of the work flows required, such as powder handling, weighing, microwave-assisted synthesis, sonication, and pH-measurement and titration. Zinsser Analytic GMBH, Frankfurt, Germany +49 (0)69 789 106-0  www.zinsser-analytic.com

99289.tifControl Systems for Bulk-Process-Handling Applications
BEST technologically advanced, fully integrated industrial process control systems for bulk-process-handling applications are designed and built in Metso’s in-house UL-listed panel shop. These systems are used in a wide variety of applications to streamline production operations. Production monitoring and management features are programmed for the user’s choice of automation platforms. Production and maintenance schedules can be configured on one server that logs and reports real-time and historical production data, downtime data, production trends, and maintenance. Reports can be detailed as required. Metso Minerals Industries Inc.,  Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237  www.bestvibes.com

99290.tifBin Level Indicator
The Model RH rotary paddle bin level indicator incorporates local high-intensity indication as a standard feature. The Model RH combines bright LEDs for local indication of Normal and Alarm status with four shaft bearings for smooth operation and long life, a DPDT relay output that is fail-safe on power failure - a standard offering that replaces other brands using existing paddles and accessories - an automatic motor shut-off to extend motor life, and a 90-day golden parachute return policy along with an industry standard two-year warranty. The Model RH is offered for ordinary electrical locations certified to meet CSA/UL 61010 standards and the Model RHX is for hazardous areas (certification pending). BlueLevel Technologies Inc., Peru, IL 888-262-2662 www.blueleveltechnologies.com

99291.tifOnline Moisture Analyzers
The PMD320 series uses microwave resonance technology to achieve a measuring range between .1 and 60% moisture content that can be calculated in less than one second. The wide variety of sensors that are available allow for adaptability to specific samples and processes and are effective for everything from pharmaceuticals to pet food. The series also provides continuous monitoring, as opposed to random sampling, which allows for 100% traceability, meeting the needs for most user-defined protocols. Sartorius Group North America, Bohemia, NY 631-254-4249 www.sartorius-mechatronics.com 

99292.tifControl Systems & Batching Automation
These control systems include integrating personal computers, programmable logic controllers, and equipment for weighing, batching, and process control systems. Using Windows-based hand prompt batching controls, the systems provide accurate minor ingredient weighing. An operator interface panel is used in conjunction with a scale to sequence operator through pre-programmed formula, one ingredient at a time. Customized controls are designed around the application requirements, bin volumes, feed type, size, and scale capacity. The batching controls provide formulation storage and inventory of raw materials and finished batches along with real-time batching status, weighments, batching status, and “material in suspension” correction. Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 630-759-9595  www.prater-sterling.com

99293.tifIntegrated Automation  Process Control
Integrated automation brings total process control, communication, sensing, monitoring, and reporting together into a single, master control location, whether an equipment-specific, menu-driven HMI, or a process-wide supervisory control and data acquisition system. It pushes control functionality farther out and deeper into equipment operations to optimize total line throughput and deliver a standard, system-wide data report from the control layer. High-speed Ethernet communications deliver information between the equipment (including legacy systems) and UL-listed panels designed and built in a UL-certified panel-build facility. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220  www.nbe-inc.com