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Elements of Applied Process Engineering Course Offered

Article-Elements of Applied Process Engineering Course Offered

The Center for Professional Advancement is offering “Elements of Applied Process Engineering”, September 19-21, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This course fills the void between the curriculum of a theoretical education and the practical demands of applied process engineering or process-mechanical engineering.

It is structured to follow the major responsibilities of a process engineer as a project progresses. Therefore, the course reviews such topics as: in-depth explanation of necessary process documentation emphasizing engineering diagrams, frictional and pressure drop calculations for incompressible, compressible and complex fluid flows, heat transfer calculations methods and the sizing and economic selection of pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, material selection for piping and equipment, process and storage tanks, mixing equipment, heat transfer equipment, and electrical equipment. Emphasis is placed on simplifying methods, shortcut techniques and mnemonic devices throughout, making the applications of process engineering as practical as possible. There is also a brief introduction to motor controls, and instrumentation and control.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
* Comprehend some of the responsibilities of an engineer involved in process design, operations and troubleshooting
* Describe the preparation of various types of process diagrams, sizing and specifying of piping systems and process equipment
* Prepare checklists, simplifying equations, shortcut methods, rules of thumb, mnemonic devices and other specific aids to expedite designing and troubleshooting process systems in a practical manner

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