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Dust Collection Spotlight - November 09

Article-Dust Collection Spotlight - November 09

Insertable Dust Collector
An upgraded version of the insertable dust collector features improved filters and a smaller footprint to control airborne dust at belt conveyor loading points and other bulk material handling operations. The unit features smaller filter elements that are approximately one-eighth the size of the filter envelopes of the previous system. The mesh-like material filters better and lasts longer while consuming less energy than conventional filter bags. The upgraded filters allow a reduction of the size of the fans used to move air through the filter elements and therefore reduce the power consumption of the collection system.
Martin Engineering Co., Neponset IL 800-544-2947 www.martin-eng.com

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Hose
The U30-AP is a clear, all thermoplastic polyurethane hose with yellow reinforced ABS helix. It has a smooth interior and is lightweight and highly flexible. The clarity of the hose allows easy visual check for blockages. An external ABS (non metal) helix provides added durability in applications where the hose is being dragged.
Air Handling Systems, Woodbridge, CT 800-367-3828 www.airhand.com

Cyclonic Dust Collector
The S Series dust collector uses centrifugal force to efficiently separate out fine particles beginning at 20 µm. This collector can handle dusts such as saw dust, fly ash, sand, coffee, and many others. Units range in size from 50 to 18,000 cfm and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The unit easily handles fibrous, sticky, hygroscopic, and high-temperature materials that tend to clog or damage filter bags or cartridges. Placed before baghouses or cartridge filters, the collector extends the life of filter media and reduces labor and material costs.
Aerodyne, Chagrin Falls, OH 800-236-1506 www.aerodyneUS.com/009

Dust and Fume Collector
The Gold Series GS4M Mini dust collector controls emissions from small airflow applications up to 2000 cfm. It incorporates the best features of the premium Gold Series cartridge collectors—rugged construction, durability, high filtration efficiency, and ease of service—into a compact unit. The collector’s extremely quiet performance and small footprint make it ideal for indoor applications, especially where noise or space constraints are a concern.
Farr APC, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801 www.farrapc.com

Bin Vent/Dust Collector
The Modu-Kleen bin vent/dust collector is designed to vent bins, storage silos, mixers, blenders, pneumatic conveying systems of any type, or any other device or process that must contain or control dust particles. It can meet the most stringent air pollution codes, is controlled by solid state electronics, and is self-cleaning for minimum maintenance. Built as an integral part of the bag cage, the cone jet diffuser directs a shock wave of air down the entire length of the bag during the cleaning cycle. This shock wave improves the unit’s efficiency when compared with other venturi type dust collectors that direct the shock wave over only a portion of the bag. The filter bags are cleaned one row at a time, so the unit can operate continuously. There is no need to shut down for cleaning.
Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com

Bag Dump Station
This low-profile bag dump station is an efficient method to introduce bagged products into a process without dust. It has a self-contained filtration system with 99.9% collection efficiency down to 1 µm. No external ducting, auxiliary fans or filters, or make-up air is necessary. It features a low-maintenance pulse-jet cleaning system with a single, easy access, filter cartridge. Overall height closed is 53 in. and in the open position the lid can be reached at 75 in., making it ideal for employees.
Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260 www.ideasthatmove.com

Filter Media
This expanded range of stocked fabrics offers more filter media choices beyond standard felts. Shiny nylon and polyester satins provide excellent cake release for problematic sticky or fibrous dust while high-breathing monofilaments and rugged coated fabrics are durable enough for harsh outdoor conditions. Free consultations are offered to determine the filter size and fabric best suited to the application in order to achieve optimum filtration and confine even the finest particles.
American Fabric Filter Co., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591 www.americanfabricfilter.com

Insulated Cyclones
Insulated dust collection cyclones efficiently and safely handle dust in high-temperature applications. Insulated HE (High-Efficiency) series cyclones serve as primary receivers in dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems where conventional filter receivers might get plugged or overburdened by large airborne solids conveyed at extreme temperatures. Insulated units feature 3 in. of specialty insulation, plus an additional layer of steel. They can be custom built to meet users’ needs. Various types of insulation, including mineral wool or fiber glass, can be used to suit the application. The cyclones operate without any filter media to clean, replace, or maintain.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com

Western Pneumatics manufactures three varieties of baghouses for dust evacuation systems. For smaller applications and light dust loading, the Pulse-Air filter offers cloth areas from 628 to 3140 sq ft. Take off the bottom hopper and the Pulse-Air can be a bin vent filter. The POP filter line is utilized as either a primary or secondary filter. Cloth areas range from 1634 to 9295 sq ft. This filter operates with a ¼-hp drive motor and a 5-hp cleaning blower while seeing static losses across the entire filter as low as 1.5 in. The industrial filter is generally used as a secondary baghouse located after primary cyclone. Cloth areas range from 943 to 8247 sq ft.
Western Pneumatics, Eugene, OR 541-461-2600 www.westernp.com

Portable Fume Collector
The PFC portable fume collector is a complete and self-contained unit that captures fumes at the source. It can be moved around to suit the changing demands of the operation. Its compact design uses the latest technology in fume capture and is suitable for most industrial environments. Standard features include: pull out dust drawer; heavy-duty, 7-ft fume arm with exterior adjustment to lock in place; and four large caster wheels with two swivels for ease in moving and positioning. AAF’s PFC is the ideal solution wherever portable fume collection is needed.
AAF International, Louisville, KY 800-477-1214 www.aafintl.com

Cartridge Dust Collectors
SFC downward flow cartridge dust collectors are ideal for emissions given off during food ingredient production and pharmaceutical formulation processes. In addition to powder reclamation, these systems provide cleaner air, longer filter life, easy maintenance, and overall cost savings. The SFC is available in a variety of sizes and can be used full-time or for various batch operations.
United Air Specialists Inc., Cincinnati, OH 800-252-4647 www.uasinc.com

Pulse-Jet Cartridge Collector
The MikroFlo pulse-jet cartridge collector’s high filtration efficiency provides lower pressure drop, resulting in reduced operating costs, longer filter life, and less maintenance. Its modular design makes it adaptable to space limitations and low overhead applications. Filter cartridges are quickly and conveniently serviced from outside the collector. Less time servicing filters means less exposure to dust. There are no tools required—nothing to drop, lose, or break. The collector is available with Matrex filter cartridges, which incorporate a proprietary premium filter media that provides higher initial efficiencies.
MikroPul, Charlotte, NC 704-998-2600 www.mikropul.com

Filter Receiver
The Filtair series filter receiver provides automatic reverse-jet cleaning of filter media during the gas or material separation process in a vacuum or pressure transfer system. The tangential inlet, located in the receiver’s circular hopper, provides a cyclonic separation of the material or airstream. Airborne material is trapped by the filter elements. Timed, compressed air pulses clean the elements, dropping the once airborne material into the hopper. A single row of elements is cleaned at a time, leaving the remaining filters on-line. The filter elements are protected from the material mainstream by a deflector shield. Efficient performance of the filter receiver is achieved through the proper selection of filter media and the correct air-to-cloth ratio along with can velocity considerations.
K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.ktronprocessgroup.com

High Filtration/Containment Dust Collector
Equipped with a self-cleaning HEPA filter, the Absolut Cephir high filtration/containment system effectively and safely removes and contains high volumes of even extremely fine dust particulates from the exhaust air of production machines in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, nutrition, and food. It features a modular design for easy upgrades, parallel swing doors, and a pull-out control cabinet for easy access, a bag-in bag-out filter exchange, and a size (40 × 30 × 90 in.) that can fit almost anywhere. It can also be customized to offer a variety of dust handling solutions including a continuous bag-in bag-out system, RTP, split valve, isolator, and wash-in-place.
Fette America, Rockaway, NJ 973-586-8722 www.fetteamerica.com

Dust Collection System
The Whirl Wet dust collection system operates continuously to collect soluble and insoluble particulate 3 µm and above. The patented design has no moving parts and does not use components such as nozzles, pumps, or bags that disrupt production and stress maintenance budgets. Units are self-cleaning. Particulate is deposited at the bottom of the unit in the form of a dense filter cake, unlike baghouses that add to waste volume. Standard capacities range from 500 to 50,000 cfm and materials are constructed in polypropylene, Types 304 and 316 stainless steel, PVC, and alloy materials.
Tri-Mer Corp., Owosso, MI 989-723-7838 www.tri-mer.com

Air Filters
Each filter is custom designed for a particular application, some of which include transfer points, bin vents, vacuum pumps, high-vacuum systems, and product collection. A variety of filters are available including FDA approved, washable, and environmentally friendly.
TDC Filter Inc., Bolingbrook, IL 800-424-1910 www.tdcfilter.com

Closed-Cycle Dust Collection System
This integrated, closed-cycle material dust collection and recovery system is available for the company’s full line of bulk bag dischargers. The process encloses the bulk bag spout within a sealed containment cylinder. During discharge, migrant dust is contained and kept from spreading throughout the work area. Contained dust is extracted from the cylinder using a point source dust collection unit. A variable frequency motor/blower draws material from the cylinder and into the MERV11-rated filtration stage where material as small as 1 µm is recovered. A high-pressure blast of air pulses the filter to remove the material dust for reintroduction into the process operation.
National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220 www.nbe-inc.com