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Compass Minerals' Subsidiaries Increase Prices on All Consumer and Industrial Products

Article-Compass Minerals' Subsidiaries Increase Prices on All Consumer and Industrial Products

North American Salt Co. and Sifto Canada Corp., both subsidiaries of Compass Minerals, have announced an average price increase of $6/tn on all consumer and industrial packaged and bulk mineral products, including consumer and professional deicing products, agricultural minerals, salt-based water conditioning products, industrial minerals, pool salt, and food-grade salt. These increases will be effective with all North American shipments on January 4, 2010, or as contracts allow.

Based in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Compass Minerals is a leading producer of minerals, including salt, sulfate of potash specialty fertilizer, and magnesium chloride. The company provides highway deicing salt to customers in North America and the U.K. and specialty fertilizer to growers worldwide. Compass Minerals also produces consumer deicing and water conditioning products, ingredients used in consumer and commercial foods, and other mineral-based products for consumer, agricultural, and industrial applications. Compass Minerals also provides records management services to businesses throughout the U.K.

North American Salt Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Compass Minerals, sells salt and other minerals to customers throughout the U.S. The company's products include mined rock salt for highway and consumer deicing, and high-grade branded and private label mineral products for consumer and industrial uses.

Sifto Canada Corp. is a Canadian provider and marketer of highway and consumer deicing salt. Operating the world's largest rock salt mine in Goderich, ON, Sifto also is a leading producer of high-quality food salt, water care minerals, agricultural minerals, and many other consumer and industrial salt and mineral products. Sifto is a wholly owned subsidiary of Compass Minerals. For more information, visit www.siftocanada.com.

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