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IMI Announces Reduced Prices, New Features, Easier Selection on Plate Magnets

Article-IMI Announces Reduced Prices, New Features, Easier Selection on Plate Magnets

Industrial Magnetics Inc. has revamped its ceramic and rare earth plate magnet line offering new features, an improved product selection process, and price reductions on many of its exposed pole, flush face, and spout magnet models. 
Designed for magnetic separation in angled chute applications, with either above-the-flow or below-the-flow installation, plate magnets are ideal for capturing ferrous tramp metal or metal fines to prevent metal contamination of products and to protect downstream processing equipment from damage. 

The EZ-Clean plate magnet line features a stripper plate and adjustable catch arms to aid in the process of removing collected metal from the magnet. As the magnet is pulled away from the chute during the cleaning process, the catch arms hold the stripper plate, located on the face of the magnet, in the optimal vertical alignment away from the chute. Then, as the magnet is pulled away from the stripper plate, the collected metal easily falls free for disposal. The adjustable catch arms also allow for effective cleaning of the magnet in installations where there are tight space constraints. 

Technical information on the plate magnets can be found here, along with order online capability, options, and mounting instructions.

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