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Bunting Expands Selection of Magnet Products

Article-Bunting Expands Selection of Magnet Products

Bunting Magnetics Co. has expanded the inventory of products now available for purchase online at www.buntingmagnetics.com. The new products consist of additions to the bonded neodymium, sintered neodymium, samarium cobalt, alnico and ceramic magnet product lines. The selection includes more size and shape options for block, disc, plug, and ring style of magnets. In addition, Bunting has added a wide variety of magnetic catches, magnetic doorstops, and holding magnets to its offering. 

“These new additions further complement the vast number of industrial magnets and magnetic products that we carry in stock”, stated Don Lindstrom, Bunting general manager for the Magnet Materials Div. “We want to be the source for the full spectrum of magnets in the world…any magnet, available at any time. This expansion of our inventory brings us closer to that goal.”

The new magnet products include several new grades. The grade of a magnet helps determine the strength of the magnetic characteristics within that magnet type. The number of different magnets now offered number over 1300 unique part numbers, most all in stock, ready for immediate shipment. As part of the product launch, Bunting is offering a 3% discount on all magnet products that are ordered online by credit card.

For more information on the Bunting magnet materials product line, visit www.buntingmagnetics.com/products/magnets.