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WeighPack Launches Bag Inserter & Uncuffer

Article-WeighPack Launches Bag Inserter & Uncuffer

Image courtesy of WeighPack Bag_Inserter_WEIGHPACK.png
WeighPack has launched two new packaging machines designed to automate the bulk bagging process.
Designed to fully automate the manual processes of most typical bag-in-box systems

WeighPack has launched two new packaging machines designed to automate the bulk bagging process.

The BI 600 automatic bag inserter and BU 600 automatic bag uncuffer are replacements for the manual insertion of bags into cases and the manual uncuffing and sealing of those bags prior to case closure. Perfect for preparing bulk quantities of products such as pet food, frozen food, snacks, and wrapped candy for shipping, these units are designed to fit seamlessly into a bulk bag filling line with a case erector, bulk weigh filler, and case sealer, completing a fully automated system that forms, fills and seals cases, trays and bins and the bulk-sized bags within them.

The BI 600 bag inserter dispenses film on a roll, cuts, seals, and then inserts the bag into an erected case. Once the product is weighed and filled, the case passes to the BU 600 bag uncuffer. The bag is then uncuffed from the case and folded over the product before the box is conveyed to the next phase of the packaging process. Bag sealing and vacuum assemblies are also available.

The BI 600 accepts 1-4 mil film in roll widths up to 650 mm and provides impulse sealing for leakproof polyethylene or laminated bags. The BU600 also accepts 1-4mil film with a bag fold over up to 610 mm. Both units feature 304 stainless steel frames, SMC pneumatics, Omron servo motors with absolute encoders, Hiwin linear bearings, and 18-in. industrial PC panels.

WeighPack Systems Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada 514-422-0808 www.weighpack.com

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