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Beumer Introduces New Bag-in-Bag System

Beumer bag-in-bag system
Beumer bag-in-bag system

The new Beumer bag-in-bag system quickly packs filled paper bags individually or in groups with a weather-resistant plastic film. This protects the contents against moisture, dust, insects, and other environmental influences during storage and transport. The bag-in-bag is easy to integrate into existing filling and packaging systems.

The impermeable film keeps dust from escaping from the filled bags and prevents product losses. The films have thicknesses of 30 to 100 microns, so material costs are low. The outer packaging in the paper bags does not require an intermediate layer made of PE, which cuts costs and increases filling performance. The system is so efficient that ultrasonic welding of the bags is usually not necessary.

Offered to customers in cooperation with Tentoma, the bag-in-bag has a wide range of uses. For the Beumer Group the focus is on packaging of bags, but the technology is also suitable for goods with lengths of up to 8m and product circumferences of 600 to approximately 5600 mm. Thus the system can also be used for bar stock, insulation materials, or consumer goods. Users can integrate it seamlessly into their work processes by simply installing it in existing feeding line. The bag-in-bag supplements the Beumer fillpac inline packer and the Beumer paletpac high-performance palletizer.

Bagging, film packaging, and palletizing can be easily and seamlessly combined in a continuous production line. Expensive modification and system changes are unnecessary. The bag-in-bag is designed for inline packers with a capacity of up to 800 bags per hour.

Beumer Corp., USA, Somerset, NJ 732-893-2800 www.beumergroup.com

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