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Ross Offers Advanced Planetary Mixer for No-Charge Testing

Ross Model PDDM-4 four-gallon planetary dual disperser
Ross Model PDDM-4 four-gallon planetary dual disperser

The Ross Test & Development Center announces the addition of an advanced planetary mixer now available for no-charge demonstrations.

The new 4-gal planetary dual disperser (Model PDDM-4) is equipped with two high-viscosity blades and two high-speed dispersers. All four agitators rotate on their own axes while orbiting the vessel, ensuring rapid powder wet-out and deagglomeration. It is designed for vacuum operation and includes a jacketed mix vessel. Ideal for mixing thick slurries and highly-filled pastes, the PDDM delivers excellent dispersion and uniformity throughout a wide viscosity range up to around 2 million centipoise.

The PDDM-4 is one of over 40 mixers and blenders showcased at the Ross T&D Center. A typical mixing simulation test utilizes the end user’s actual raw materials and the mixer is operated at process conditions as close as possible to actual production. Proof-of-concept demonstrations such as high shear emulsification, particle size reduction, dry blending, vacuum drying, high-viscosity mixing, and three roll milling are performed routinely.

The center includes an analytical laboratory for quick evaluation of samples. Ross also offers trial/rental equipment for more in-depth testing at the customer’s facility.

For more information, contact Ken Langhorn, technical director, Charles Ross & Son Co. at 800-243-7677 or [email protected], or visit www.mixers.com.

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