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Continuous Processors Speed Plant-Based Meat Product Manufacturing 40%

Image courtesy of Readco Kurimoto Continuous_Processor_READCO.jpg
Continuous Processors from Readco Kurimoto LLC integrate the mixing, heating, flavoring, seasoning, forming, and texturizing steps into a single, automated step.
Non-stop process integrates mixing, heating, texturizing into one step

Continuous Processors from process equipment manufacturer Readco Kurimoto LLC integrate the mixing, heating, flavoring, seasoning, forming, and texturizing steps into a single, automated step to speed production of plant-based meats and other alternative food products.

Streamlining the multi-step batch process, the continuous processors feature a co-rotating, twin-screw configuration with a variable paddle arrangement inside a sealed, ASME-rated barrel that combines multiple liquid and dry ingredients simultaneously. Heating or cooling may be applied as the mixing elements impart a choice of textures at discharge to mimic natural meat and poultry. The one-step process yields the equivalent amount of quality production as a typical batch process in 40% less time, while eliminating frequent stops for cleaning and batch to batch inconsistencies

Suitable for plant-based products that use pea protein, cottonseed protein, mushrooms, wheat gluten, jackfruit, methylcellulose binders, soy proteins, soy isolate, soy concentrates, and other ingredients, the continuous processors are designed with high shear zones to consistently disperse proteins and other sticky ingredients in the required proportions. Emulsions are formed quickly and precisely, and remain in suspension throughout the process without excess heat history to meet the targeted homogeneity, texture, and other properties as required for each customer's installation.

Available in USDA- and 3A-compliant designs, the food-grade continuous processors are manufactured in Readco’s York, PA headquarters based on lab testing conducted on full-size equipment using plant-based ingredients to simulate actual production. Reservations for 2023 lab tests are now available.

For a free brochure or more information, contact Readco Kurimoto LLC at 800-395-4959 or visit www.readco.com.

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