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New Edition of International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code Available from Labelmaster

Many maritime countries have taken steps to regulate the carriage of marine pollutants in packaged form. Shippers can turn to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code as the authoritative text on all aspects of handling packaged dangerous goods and marine pollutants by sea. The new edition of the IMDG Code will be available on October 27 from Labelmaster, a U.S.-based manufacturer of hazardous materials and regulatory compliance products. The publication may be used starting January 1, 2009, with usage mandatory as of January 1, 2010.

Included in the IMDG Code are detailed requirements for labeling, marking, and documentation, and training provisions for articles defined as dangerous. The Code also includes packaging requirements for each article, as well as testing procedures for large and small packages.

First published in 1965, the 34th edition of the IMDG Code includes: EmS numbers added to Column 15 of the Dangerous Goods List; changes to the Dangerous Goods List; revisions to the construction and testing of packages and IBCs; new recommendations for the training needs of shore-side personnel.

The IMDG Code is available for $219 for a two-volume, perfect-bound set, or on a USB drive or CD for $495. The IMDG Code Supplement is also available for $109. Special pricing is available for five copies or more. To order, call 800-621-5808 or email [email protected]

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