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DYNATEK Adopts New Name and Logo to Signal Change and Growth

Article-DYNATEK Adopts New Name and Logo to Signal Change and Growth

After nearly 25 years, dynatek/manierre has changed its name to DYNATEK Articulated Loading Systems and adopted a new stylized logo to better define its business specialty and to call attention to the positive change and growth that’s taking place within the organization. 

“Current and projected business levels have convinced us it’s the right time to place special focus on the DYNATEK side of D&D Products’ business and that’s what we’re doing,” Vsaid vice president David Dauffenbach. “Earlier this year in engineering, we added Mike Risgaard as engineering manager. Mike has already made changes that have increased our engineering bandwidth and improved engineering efficiency and productivity. A few months ago, we added Gary Kuehneman as director of sales & marketing. Gary knows the powder industry and wasted no time going to work on new sales literature, a new Web site and plans for building a sales force and raising DYNATEK’s visibility in the markets we serve. Bottom line – we feel DYNATEK has a bright future so we’re changing and investing to take advantage of that. DYNATEK’s new name and logo will help us communicate that to our current and future customers.” 

DYNATEK Loading Systems, a division of D&D Products, manufactures “articulated” truck, railcar, and barge-loading systems based on auger, belt, drag, and air-slide conveyor technologies. DYNATEK EconoLoader systems are widely used throughout North America in a variety of industries for loading materials like DDGS, fly ash, salt, soy meal, plastic pellets, catalysts, and calcium carbonate. Loading rates up to 25,000 cu ft/hr are typical.

For more information, call 888-853-5444 or visit www.dynatekloadingsystems.com.

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