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Non-Contact Measurement of Bulk Materials

Article-Non-Contact Measurement of Bulk Materials

Berthold bulk flow measurement system
Berthold bulk flow measurement system

Bulk flow measurement is used to measure flow rates and throughput on all kinds of conveying systems. The non-contacting, non-intrusive radiometric belt weigher is characterized by high accuracy. The DuoSeries is robust with no moving parts, maintenance is not required, and it can be installed directly after bunkers, chute outlets or conveying systems. The LB 472 provides measuring results on the current flowrate and the totally produced mass.

Moisture Measurement in Storage and Weighing Containers
The radiometric measuring technology measures the material moisture in storage and weighing containers. Large material volume (up to 1 m diam) that is detected by the measurement offers representative measurement results (e.g. coke, sinter, sand, gravel, calcareous sandstone). The moisture is measured either from the outside through the container wall or with an inserted dip tube.

New Sensor
With the new sensor for the determination of moisture content in bulk solids, Berthold has augmented its product portfolio in the field of online moisture measurement systems. A sensor with integrated signal processing is now available that can be used on a wide variety of bulk materials with a humidity range between 0 and 30%. The installation options are manifold (e.g. on silo walls, conveyor belts, shafts, or screw conveyors).

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