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Kraft Heinz Seasonings Brand Launches in US

Article-Kraft Heinz Seasonings Brand Launches in US

Image courtesy of Kraft Heinz Just Spices in US
Kraft Heinz has launched its seasonings brand, Just Seasonings, in the US market just one year after acquiring a majority stake in the company.
The food and beverage giant is expanding its Just Seasonings brand.

Kraft Heinz is getting into the seasonings business, expanding its European brand Just Spices to the United States. 

The launch of Just Spices in the US market comes just one year after the company completed its acquisition of a majority stake in the business.

Just Spices is expected to be a critical growth driver for Kraft Heinz’s Taste Elevation business, which focuses on flavor enhancement, and is one of the company’s platforms for continued growth as outlined as part of its long-term strategy.

“Just Spices will elevate the overall cooking experience for American families, just as it has done in Europe for nearly a decade,” said Carlos Abrams-Rivera, executive vice president & President, North America, Kraft Heinz. “Bringing together Just Spices’ high-quality product, data and direct-to-consumer capabilities with Kraft Heinz’s scale and brand loyalty creates the perfect storm to disrupt the U.S. spice category as we know it.”

Launched in 2014, Just Spices has more than 170 products in its portfolio, including offerings for diverse meal occasions ranging from breakfast and light snacks to salads and baking, and a broad range of savory, sweet, classic, and exotic flavors. Just Spices’ growing business sells approximately 70% of its ready-made and one-step spice blends directly to consumers, with its remaining sales through major grocery retailers both in-store and online in Germany, Spain, Austria, UK, and Switzerland.

The company's approach to machine-learning product innovation is geared toward the needs of younger, flavor-forward families. The brand’s advanced analytics allows it to identify early consumer trends and flavor preferences by region, and based on consumer sentiment for these trends, Just Spices creates, customizes and optimizes its product line accordingly.

“Just Spices blends have become household staples in many countries throughout Europe, and we’re thrilled to bring Americans the opportunity to cook with more creativity and flavor,” said Nadja Francis, U.S. General Manager at Just Spices. 

The spice brand focuses solely on blends, creating three different categories to match specific usage occasions without the need to invest in a pantry full of spice jars: Allrounders, Seasonings, and Toppings. 




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