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Process Control Lowers Prices, Announces Quick Ship Program

Article-Process Control Lowers Prices, Announces Quick Ship Program

In a bold move, Process Control Corp. (PCC) has lowered the domestic price of its high end Gravitrol gravimetric feeding and extrusion control systems by 25%. These systems, designed for high accuracy and automation, are geared towards conservation of expensive additives, precise co-extruded layer control and total weight reduction of extruded products.

Dana Darley, VP/general manager, says, "During these difficult times we are more aggressive with all our pricing. However, we are going one step further by offering our customers a significant price break on cost-saving technologies that will impact their bottom line profits the most."   
In conjunction with the price reductions, PCC announced a new “Quick Ship” program, with three of its most popular-sized Guardian batch weigh blenders leading off. Multiple, six-element units in 2.5-, 5-, and 12-kg capacities will be assembled, tested, and crated for immediate shipment. Further, major blender components for these sizes will be pre-manufactured and placed in inventory, so replacement stock units can be replenished in a one- to two-week time frame.

“This allows PCC to better compete in an area of the market where customers need a new blender now, due to a failed unit in operation or other last-minute purchase decision,” added Darley. “Further, building these standard units in higher quantities will lower manufacturing costs and allow us to be a bit more aggressive on pricing.”  
Established in 1967, Process Control Corp. designs, manufactures, and markets advanced auxiliary machinery to the plastic processing industry. Technologies and products include gravimetric blenders, extrusion control systems, automatic   scrap-recycling equipment, material handling, conveying, and storage systems, hot air and desiccant dehumidifying drying systems, and powder feeding systems, distributed worldwide.

For more information, visit www.process-control.com.

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