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New Formulation Skid Automates Feeding, Weighing, Mixing in Single Unit

Image courtesy of Gericke USA Formulation_Skid_GERICKE.jpg
Modular, self-contained system speeds powder, tablet processing

The Gericke Formulation Skid (GFS) has been developed to speed production and ensure consistent quality of tablets, capsules, sachets, and other powdered products.

The GFS integrates precision feeding, weighing, and continuous mixing of multiple active ingredients and excipients as a single step in a non-stop process. The new GFS-C enables pharmaceutical, nutrition, food, and other manufacturers to test and perfect new formulations in a self-contained, skid-mounted platform then expand to full production using the identical system without requiring additional equipment. Powered by the company's proprietary, accurate Process Analytical Technology (PAT), the GFS-C achieves a homogeneous distribution of ingredients in minutes with a formulation accuracy of 0.1–0.5%.

In addition to serving as a stand-alone unit for formulation, the GFS-C also integrates seamlessly into existing processes such as wet or dry granulation, sachet or capsule filling, direct compression, and hot melt extrusion. The turnkey system is designed for quick access to the interior for easy, verifiable cleaning and may be disassembled in minutes by a single operator. The sanitary GFS-C features FDA-approved materials in a GMP-compliant design and is delivered assembled, tested and ready for installation and integration into existing control systems.

Gericke USA Inc., Somerset, NJ 855-888-0088 www.gerickegroup.com

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