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Porvair Introduces Sintered Fiber Mesh Composite Filter Elements

Porvair Filtration Group Sinterflo FMC fiber mesh composite for filter elements
Porvair Filtration Group Sinterflo FMC fiber mesh composite for filter elements

Porvair Filtration Group introduces the Sinterflo FMC fiber mesh composite for filter elements to its range of Sinterflo products.

The Sinterflo FMC is specifically designed for the removal of particulates from challenging gaseous environments. The new media boasts many benefits, including resistance to high temperatures and corrosive environments, design and engineering versatility, and minimal maintenance costs. Its fine pore surface layer enhances surface filtration. Other features include:

* A highly permeable support structure, ensuring reverse jet cleaning energy is delivered to the filter’s outer surface, thus enhancing particulate cake removal, keeping operating pressure loss to a minimum

* Multilayer internal support meshes providing mechanical strength removing the need for additional support structure in low pressure applications

* Reliable emission control

The self-supporting Sinterflo FMC differs from the rest of the Sinterflo range due to its multilayer internal mesh support structure and fine fiber surface layer. The Sinterflo FMC filter elements are ideal for continuous on stream reverse jet cleaning applications where optimum product recovery is required. With its asymmetrical pore structure, Sinterflo FMC media is designed to facilitate surface filtration capturing particulate on the outer flow in surface.

“We are proud to announce the launch of the new Sinterflo FMC, which boasts many features, including a sinterbonded, asymmetric structure, reliable removal efficiency, emission control and excellent regeneration characteristics,” said Ian Boxall, technical director.

Porvair Filtration Group Ltd, Hampshire, UK +44 (0)1489 864330 www.porvairfiltration.com

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