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Jet Ejector Venturi Scrubbers Reduce Project Costs

Bionomic Industries Inc. Series 6500 jet scrubber
Bionomic Industries Inc. Series 6500 jet scrubber

Bionomic Industries Inc. introduces the Series 6500 jet scrubber as a fully integrated, pre-engineered, skid-mounted package complete with recirculation pumps, piping networks, entrainment separators, polishing scrubber, instrumentation, automated controls, and more, all factory assembled and tested to lower engineering, installation, and project costs, while reducing lead times for quicker installation and on-time operation.

Units destined for outdoor installation are available with a freeze protection package for operation in cold weather climates and all systems come complete with all necessary dimensional, weight, and instructional information, along with a system P&ID and process flow diagram giving all material balances.

Ideal for low to moderate gas volumes from 5 thru 60,000 cfm when gaseous and/or particulate contaminant removal is required, the Series 6500 jet scrubber creates its own draft to eliminate the need for a fan in most cases, resulting in cost savings and system simplification. Inherent with this design, gas is scrubbed with no bypass, resulting in a scrubber that can be used for large turndowns in gas flows. The scrubber utilizes a high scrubbing liquid-to-gas ratio, which also makes it an option for treating high concentration gas streams to reduce the resultant exothermic reaction temperature rise of the scrubbing liquid.

Series 6500 jet scrubbers are available in single and multiple stages or can be combined with a Series 5000 packed bed polishing scrubber (as shown) with additional transfer units to meet extremely high gaseous contaminant removal efficiencies. A choice of entrainment separator types – baffle, cyclonic, and fiber, or chevron blade modules – enables the Series 6500 jet ejector venturi scrubber to efficiently handle a wide range of pollutants. All separator types can be integrated with scrubbing liquid recycle tanks in capacities and configurations specifically designed to meet a particular application.

Bionomic Industries Inc., Mahwah, NJ 201-529-1094 www.bionomicind.com

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