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Intermittent-Duty Vacuums

Untitled DocumentThe CFM 127 and CFM 137 are compact intermittent-duty vacuums that are ideal for general cleaning, collection, and containment of fine powders and toxic debris in specialized applications. The CFM 137 can be adapted for pick-up of wet and dry materials. Features and benefits of both machines include a large main filter that provides more surface area for filtering and resists premature clogging. An optional upstream HEPA filter is also available, providing 99.97% efficiency, down to and including 0.3 µm. An external filter shaker handle keeps the main filter free of clogging dust and maintains the vacuum’s maximum suction power and filtration performance. Suction performance is monitored by a manometer and light, allowing the user to know when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. A sound suppressor diffuses the exhaust air for optimum noise control.
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